Tuesday, March 23, 2010


These storage boxes have recently found a new home in my garage room/stockpile room. DBF's mom had had them since before DBF was born and gifted them to me.
They definitely look their age but I think that only adds to their charm.
This poor corner had a falling out with Shadow when her toys were locked up inside. What's a pup to do? They had to be rescued!
Guess what's living in them now?
Garbage bags! And kitty litter! I'm sure Anheuser-Busch would be proud.
  • My hair dryer started to sputter and fuss this morning, so I went "shopping" in my stockpile for a new one. Love that.
  • I used up my last gallon size Ziploc bag this afternoon and unhappily discovered that I'm totally out of these. Oops!
  • I have a bunch of expired EB's on my boyfriend's card that I have to use up. One store by me takes expired ones up to one week past the date, which is tomorrow. CVS's lackluster deals lately have made me lazy, I keep forgetting to check my dates and now I am forced to spend them. I'm sure I'll think of something to get, but I hate feeling under the gun like that. Maybe I can work some Ziploc bags into my scenarios.
  • My rebates are calling my name. I've got a mile-high stack of receipts and rebate forms to fill out. Definitely not my favorite thing in the world to do. I wish I could just get a stamp made up with my name and address and BAM! stamp it and go.
  • Speaking of rebates, I got my Kmart gift cards back for doing the Hershey's Pieces deal. The wording on the back of the cards looks like the standard gift card disclosure info. I wonder if they will work like regular gift cards even though they say "Good towards $10 of Hershey's Products"? Waddya think?


Pubbler said...

How about buying more PF rebate items with your EB? I know there's 3 different PF rebates, but not sure if you've already purchased them.

frugalsuz said...

For some reason, I can't seem to find the mascara and makeup removers at CVS. I've seen them at Target and Ulta only. I'm planning on buying some snacks for a NBPR rebate I bought on ebay.

Thrifty T said...

When submitting rebates, I use return address labels instead of writing them out. Works great!!!

frugalsuz said...

Really? So you put the address label right on the rebate form? Hmm, that would save me some time, thanks for the tip!

joelle said...

I used my Hershey giftcards at Kmart the other day and they worked completely fine - I didn't get any Hersheys. Hey - you don't by any chance know of any phone number to call on those do you? They only sent me 3 and I should have gotten 4.

Chicagolandia said...

Love those boxes! And you've definitely put them to great use.

spaghetti0625 said...

speaking of rebates...i used my 2nd one from Staples last night $35. Got a printer! It was origninally like $200, on sale for $129, then I brought in my old printer to recycle it so that was $50 off, then I used my $35 check. I also got the 2 year warranty for $15. Looked itup...if anything goes wrong, I call the 800 number and they send me a gift card type thing for the price of the printer! Not a bad deal for $15 as I'm prone to breaking computers, printers, etc. So I paid OOP $64! I wanted to use my 15% off Q, but I forgot it at home! The manager did tell me though that since this was like a promotional item type deal the discounts that we got, we wouldn't have been able to use it anyways....so I have a 15% off Q for staples that ends today....hmmmm, wonder if I should go lol.
I love the deals too with their Rewards cards...I'm going to aim to spend $1k this year to get the Premier card lol

Slickcat said...

I guess you've already maxed out the SC Johnson rebates? ;) Ziploc does count, after all...

I never did the hershey pieces deal because the store apparently didn't have any (despite having them advertised) and I got the usual level of customer "service" that one could expect from k-mart. But I can't imagine they could restrict a GC to only one brand.

frugalsuz said...

The number on the back of the card is 1-800-922-5511. Unfortunately, I deleted the scanned copies I had of my rebate info, so I'm not sure if they'll be able to help you with the rebate, or just answer questions about your gift card. I hope they're able to help you!

Wow, that's a really great deal! I had no idea they'd give you money back for bringing in an old printer. Can that only be used towards a new printer or is it just regular Staples money?

Yeah, I did that rebate already although I haven't received all my checks yet. I ended up buying some CVS brand bags today since they were much cheaper. I rarely do deals at Kmart for that same reason, CS there is terrible!

Stephanie said...


Didn't know if you'd be interested or not, but these are half off on amazon today : )

frugalsuz said...

Thanks Stephanie, I have some coupons so I think they might be a smidge cheaper at Walmart or Kmart. Thanks for thinking of me!