Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Fun RiteAid Week 3/14 - 3/20

As always, my deals all come from the wonderful folks at HCW, Slick Deals and Erica at, and

CVS - thanks for these deals Sam!
  • Right Guard Total Defense $2.50, buy two and use two $1.50 coupons and get back $2 EB (WYB 2, Limit 1) = FREE
  • Kashi Cereal $2.50, use $1.50 coupon (Vocal Point home mailer) = $1 each

March Monthly Deal

  • Stayfree Maxi Pads (regular, 24 count) $3.99, buy two and use BOGO coupon (1/3 RP) and get back $4 EB ($2 EB each, Limit 4) = FREE/$0.01 profit
RiteAid - $3 off $15 coupon (Exp. 3/31), $5 off $20 coupon or $5 off $25 coupon or $5 off $25 coupon (Exp. 3/31)

  • Renpure Organics Sham/Cond $6.99, BOGO sale, use $3 RA coupon (wonder if it would let you use two?) and look for ones with TMF tags on them (also found at RA & CVS) = $3 - $6 profit
  • *Same SCR as last week* Almay Makeup BOGO sale (PSA $6.99 - mascaras) buy two and use two $2 coupons (2/7 SS) and get back $5 (SCR #7, WYB 2) = $2.01 profit
  • Trident Layers Gum $0.99, use $0.75 coupon (2/7 SS) and $0.25 RA Game of Life Ticket coupon = FREE/$0.01 overage
  • Welch's Grape Juice (64 oz) $3, use $1 coupon and $1 RA coupon = $1

Here we go again with the scenarios. Transaction One:

  • 4 Stayfree Pads $6.99 each, BOGO 50% off sale (second will be $3.50), buy four and use two BOGO coupons (1/3 RP), four $1 RA coupons (last month's Video Values coupon) and $5 off $20 coupon = $2 overage (or just use two RA coupons to make it FREE) This will give you $20.97 towards SCR #24 - $25 WYB $50 worth of J&J products. Hopefully the cashiers will enter in the $6.99 price for the coupon. If they enter in $3.50, your total will be $4.97, still a profit
  • Repeat once more with six pads instead of four = $0.51 overage (or just use one less RA coupon) Now you'll have $52.43 towards the rebate and you'll qualify for $25 = $25 profit (more if you went for the overage)

You could also buy this item which counts towards the J&J rebate as well:

  • Visine $4.99, use $3 coupon (March issue All You magazine) and $3 coupon from circular = $1.01 overage at register


  • Excedrin Menstrual two for $5.99 (may ring up funny, when I bought four, first set rang up as $5.79 and $0.20, second as $3 and $2.99), use two freebie coupons (from doing survey online, no longer available) and $2 Walgreens coupon (will scan twice automatically, from monthly coupon book) = profit - depends on how much your cashier inputs the freebie coupons for
  • Sudafed OM Sinus Congestion Nasal Sprays $4.99, buy two and use two $4 coupons (3/14 RP) and get back $5 RR = $3.02 profit
  • Revlon Matte Eyeshadow $4.99 regular price, 40% off sale so $2.99, buy four and use four $2 coupons (2/21 SS) and get back $5 RR *Good on your next purchase of Revlon, not a regular RR (WYB $10 worth) = $1.04 profit
  • Colgate Total Advanced or Enamel Strength (5.8 oz) or Sensitive Toothpaste (6 oz) $3.99, use $1 coupon and get back $4 RR = $1.01 profit or FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Reese's Dark PB cup $0.49 with in-circular coupon (GIVE SECOND), use $0.55 coupon (3/14 SS) = $0.06 profit

General Printable Rebate Offers


Jennifer said...

Can I ask a question about the WBCL rebate? I have never done a rebate before so this would be my first. I bought 4 bags. I notice the terms state one per address, not per person. However, they mandate your phone number and email address on the form. So would I be okay t do one rebate at 4 different addresses (the way you indicate you do many of yours)? Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!

frugalsuz said...

I bet you're gonna get hooked on rebates soon enough! I usually do rebates in triplicate - my address, my boyfriend's address and my parents' address. I use my name at my address and my parents, but then use my boyfriend's name at his. If the forms ask for emails & phone numbers, I will usually put down different ones. Hope that helps!

Pubbler said...

I could be wrong, but I know that the last time I bought Stayfree at RA, it was $3.99 each. I'm pretty sure I got some of the Maxi pads too.

Jennifer said...

Suz, thanks! I was concerned about the rebate checks coming in other peoples' names (is that how it works?) I just filled out my forms for Sure Men, Sure Women (I found some with TMF stickers finally!) and WBCL, and then the P&G coupon booklets. I'm sure in 6 weeks I'll have forgotten about sending them and it'll be like Christmas LOL
PS, this is "Shoes" from the WIR forums =)

Anonymous said...

From reading on HCW, someone mentioned that it might be better to do the Stayfree J&J rebate on a week when it is not B1G1 50%, so they don't take off the lesser value one...what do you think? Also, Right Guard is B1G1 free this week and I have a coupon for a free Right Guard deodorant. Can I use that and end up getting 2 free at Rite Aid?

Sarah said...

I found some pretty decent CVS deals - mainly on Dove/Degree deodorants. They end up being 6/$1 after coupons & EBs. Not free, but DH goes through a lot (really not sure how that happens, but it beats the alternative I guess). Also, the Kashi Heart-to-heart is $2.50, minus the $1.50 VP Qs makes it only $1/box!

I have them all posted over on if you want to check them out.

frugalsuz said...

You may be right, I wonder if anyone on HCW caught that.

That's one of the things I love about rebates. I get my mail and get back money I had forgotten about, its a great feeling.

Hmm, that might be easier. I've been wondering how the deal would work with the BOGO coupon. You can certainly use your freebie coupon with the BOGO sale. :)

Great, thanks!

Stephanie said...

So I was back-tracking trying to find a link to the P&G rebate (buy $50 get the $120 coupon booklet). I found it, but when I click on the download your savings form button, it says the file is bad? Would you happen to have a direct link to it? I've been scrounging up receipts and have bought enough to send off for this finally!

frugalsuz said...

That's strange, I just went to the form and was able to open it without a problem. If you can't open it, just email me at and I'll email you a copy.

Stephanie said...

Tried it this morning and it still wasn't letting me open it, but I just tried again and was able to! Thanks : )