Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moneymaking Candy

Kmart - was chatting with the nicest lady in line today. As we were waiting, a cashier came over to me and told me to go to her line (she was just opening her register) but the lady behind me scooted over and cut me off. I sighed and stayed where I was. The woman who was then behind me sighed too and said - well, wasn't that nice? Another register was open to the right of us with an elderly woman ringing people up. She said - you should go over to that line. I said, that's ok, why don't you go? She says (quietly) - I have to pay with a check and I'm afraid I'll confuse her! (the cashier was struggling to ring up her current customer) I told her that I was afraid my coupons might put her into a tizzy and I was afraid to go to her line also. haha Saw this deal on Queen's blog
  • 4 Hershey's Pieces candies (found near register in a special display, not with the candy) $2 each, used three $1 coupons (1/31 SS) = $7.70 total
  • Register printed a rebate form for a "$10 Kmart gift card towards the purchase of Hershey's" (strange huh?) = $2.30 profit

Repeated to do rebate under DBF's address, although the rebate says its a limit of 4 per address. Just looks like you have to send each form in separately. Rebate is good until 2/6.


  • Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter $14.99, used freebie coupon (10/25 RP) and got back $10 RR = $10 profit (then bought another one separately)

Finally used up a $5 raincheck I've had since last April. It was unusual for the manager to give me this, so other stores have been reluctant to take it and I rarely go to this particular store.

  • 5 x 7 picture frame - clearanced to $6.59, $1.59 after the raincheck and $1.70 with tax
I've still been doing a lot of Kohl's shopping, using up the 20 $5 coupons I bought on ebay. I also got a 15% coupon in my email today, and you can use that along with the $5 coupon! When I got to the store today, I was so psyched to see that they're running a promo on top of all that - spend $50, get back $10 Kohl's cash. It was like the perfect storm of Kohl's coupons. I picked up these pants (my fav brand) for $29.99 and this cute top for $24.99 and headed over to the registers. Unfortunately, the 15% coupon is valid starting tomorrow (duh!) so I wasn't able to use it. My total was $49.98 and I got back the $10 cash - that's valid starting 2/7. I'll make some more trips tomorrow and Saturday to use up my coupons (they expire 2/6).


Slickcat said... much was the pieces candy? Thanks for posting, looks like a good deal. Do you know how long it runs?


frugalsuz said...

They were $2 each and the rebate (and sale price) is good until 2/6 (tomorrow) only.