Thursday, March 25, 2010

3/28 - 4/3

As always, my deals all come from the wonderful folks at HCW, Slick Deals and Erica at, and

  • Sun/Mon/Tues ONLY: Coke 12 packs three for $10, get back $3 EB (Limit 1) = three for $7 or $2.33 each
  • Bioluxe sham/cond $9.99, BOGO sale, use $2 coupon (from Reinventing Beauty magazine found in stores) and submit for TMF rebate (tag found on bottle) = $2 profit
  • Oral B Advantage Toothbrush $2.99, buy two and use BOGO coupon (3/7 P&G) plus $1 coupon (2/7 or 2/21 P&G) and get back $2 EB (Limit 1) = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Nature's Bounty Vitamins - BOGO sale, buy two and use two $5 coupons = FREE or profit depending on which ones you buy - use your overage to buy other items!

RiteAid - $3 off $15 coupon (Exp. 3/31), $5 off $20 coupon or $5 off $25 coupon or $5 off $25 coupon (Exp. 3/31) - this week starts the April SCR's so be sure to request your March rebates once everything has cleared. Nothing good so far, I'll update if any deals pop up.


  • Dulcolax Balance 14 Day (8.3 oz) $10, use $4 coupon, $3 coupon (12/13 SS) or $2 coupon (1/24 SS) and/or FREE bottled water coupon (3/7 SS - HCW says you can use this along with another coupon but your cashier may disagree) and get back $10 RR = $4, $3 or $2 profit and possibly FREE water
  • Dove Hair Care - sham/cond (12 oz) or stylers and treatments (7 - 9.25 oz) $4, use $2 coupon or $1.50 coupon (3/28 RP - look for peelies too!) and get back $4 RR = $1.50 profit
  • Dentek Roll Comfort Clean Floss (55 yard) $2, use $1 coupon (1/17 SS *Expires 3/31) and get back $2 RR = $1 profit
  • Simply Saline Allergy (4.25 oz) $7, use $1 coupon (10/8, 11/15 or 1/24 SS or peelie coupon) and get back $7 RR = $1 profit
  • Reese's Dark Peant Butter cups $0.39 with in-circular coupon (GIVE SECOND), use $0.55 coupon (3/14 SS) = $0.16 profit
  • Walgreens One Daily Formula Vitamins (mens or womens 100 ct) $3, get back $3 RR = FREE
  • Air-Wick i-Motion $3.99, use $4 coupon (3/7 SS) = FREE *YMMV on using a coupon for more than the price of the item. WAG can be funny about this

General Printable Rebate Offers


Jen said...

OMG THANK YOU for the link to the N/B codes! I had no idea it was so easy! I really wanted free Fish Oil and now I'mma get it hehe

Pubbler said...

Have you found any JF items? 2 hounds have mailed me more Qs that should arrive today, so I'm gonna hit up RA later. Hope I find enough to do my rebates.
I tell you, every time I get a rebate check, I think of you :D I can't thank you enough for posting all the rebate deals. You are my Rebate Hero :D

frugalsuz said...

You're so welcome! The coupons reset every so often too, so I give it a month or so and am usually able to print more. Love it!

Unfortunately no. That's what I hate about clearance deals. Rebate hero, LOL! You've pointed out tons of them to me, so I think we're even. :)