Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Warm and Homey

I was at a conference all day today for work. It started out pretty well, but as the day went on, I found my eyelids drooping and the material less and less interesting. The presenter was very energetic but basically read us material from a booklet we all had copies of. I'm pretty sure we all can read, dude. Don't you hate that? By the time I left, I had such a headache. I was debating the whole way home whether I should stop at a really good Walgreens or just hit the one closest to home. I decided to go to the one close to home, and they were wiped clean of the Nivea lip glosses I wanted to buy. There is another serious hounder in my area and he/she just loves this particular store. No biggie though, I'll try another store tomorrow. Here's what I ended up getting:
  • 4 Wheat Thin crackers (4 oz) $0.99 each (wasn't in the circular or marked on the shelf but these rang up on sale anyway), used four $1 coupons (1/24 SS) = FREE *I'm going to use these towards the Kraft/Nabisco $20 rebate (WYB 10 cookies/crackers, drinks & Easy Mac cups)
Usually Walgreens won't adjust coupons down in situations like this ($1 coupon, $0.99 item), so you end up using one less coupon than you have items. My favorite cashier was working and she's always really cool about my coupons, so I figured I'd ask her if I could use a fourth coupon adjusted down to $0.96. She asked the manager, who then asked me - "will this make you happy if we adjust the coupon down?" I said, it absolutely will! He then said that its their job to make their customers happy and gave her the ok to adjust it down. Woo hoo! The guy behind me in line stepped up after I was done and said, "so how are you going to make me happy?" We all cracked up!
I spotted some cute lamps in the Target circular for $14, and DBF and I ventured over on Sunday to have a look. He spotted this lamp which we both loved. It was $27, so a bit more than I'd planned to spend, but I love how it looks. It gives off more light than this picture gives it credit for. Cute huh?


Precious said...

I love that lamp!

spaghetti0625 said...

Wow, that is a beautiful lamp! I'll have to run over to Target!

Queen said...

very cute :)

I found the organic wear rebates at Ulta! Do you have one near you?