Monday, March 29, 2010


  • Dulcolax Balance 14 Day (8.3 oz) $10, used $4 coupon, got back $10 RR = $4 profit
  • Evian bottled water $1.69, used FREE coupon (WYB Dulcolax, 3/7 SS) = FREE *Cashier had to manually put in a coupon for this amount
  • Simply Saline Allergy (4.25 oz) $7, used $1 coupon (10/8, 11/15 or 1/24 SS or peelie coupon) and got back $7 RR = $1 profit
  • Total was $12 - paid with gift cards

Then I used those RR's to buy some snacks for a second Dos Equis NBPR rebate I'm doing ($10 WYB $15 worth of snacks, Exp. 3/31)

  • 3 Rold Gold pretzels $2.99 each
  • 2 Sun Chips $3.79 each
  • Used $10 RR, total was $6.55

Second store - this transaction was such a mess. I had planned on buying some clearanced Pantene, but I didn't realize until I was paying that my coupons were for $3 off 2 bottles, not one bottle. I asked the cashier to void those off the order. Then they couldn't get both the $4 Dulcolax coupon and the free water coupon to work, so he voided off the water for me. Then I was left without enough items/total to use a $7 RR, so I went to use a gift card to pay (the line behind me had about doubled at this point). Of course, I forgot that the gift card had been used up already, so I quickly grabbed a ten out of my wallet, forked it over, grabbed my change and ran. haha

  • Dulcolax Balance 14 Day (8.3 oz) $10, used $4 coupon, got back $10 RR = $4 profit
  • Morton Salt $0.99 - forgot to use the in-circular coupon to make this $0.50, oy!
  • Total was $6.99


  • 2 packages 80% lean ground beef $1.88/lb = $3.84 and $3.85
  • 2 Perdue chicken nuggets - clearanced to $1.99 each
  • 2 Healthy Ones turkey lunchmeat - clearanced to $0.59 each
  • Half gallon milk $2.04
  • Total was $16.90


ThriftyPuppy said...

LOL! Don't you hate it when your well-though-out plan gets foiled at the last minute? I had the same problem at Wags - gift card didn't work, left my money in my pocket and ended up having to go out to the car to get 14 cents. In the meantime, the line had doubled behind me. I was so embarassed. But I made $5.00, so I got over it. Tee hee...

Chitra said...

WAGs deals fluster me - I can do only 1 transcation there and I have to plan it like a battle. A similar thing happened to me today. I was not able to see if the Dove RR rolls, since I had a 1$ Coupon and the cashier couldn't take the RR after that, even though I had a filler :)

spaghetti0625 said...

I love the purdue chix nuggets! Were all the healthy ones marked down? DH eats that for lunch, in those resealable containers...I have a $3 cat to use, and perhaps I can buy some of that stuff tomorrow :)