Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do I Look Like a Fire Hydrant?!?

It had been ages since Shadow and Riley had had a play date. Kelly wrested Riley into her car, we bundled Shadow up into DBF's truck and off we went to the dog park. I would have taken pictures, but its a huge park with lots of room for dogs to get a good running start. If you've ever been to a dog park, then you know that the dogs love nothing more than to sprint past you at top speed with only inches to spare, much too dangerous an environment for a clumsy gal with a Nikon. Both dogs had a blast! They especially loved jumping all over us. By the time we left, my pants and coat were covered in muddy paw prints.

I was expecting mud. I was expecting dirt. But I was definitely NOT expecting to be peed on! These two women came in to the park with two goofball chocolate labs and as I bent down to pet one, he lifted up his leg and...PISSED ON MY LEG! People, let me tell you, I have been around dogs forever. I've even worked in a vet's office and I have never, NEVER been piddled on! I didn't even know what to say! The ladies just laughed it off and said, "oh, he's such a character, he always does that when we come here." Well ya know what? Maybe you should warn people! I spent the rest of the time at the park dodging that chocolate pisser. DBF is still chuckling about it. Hardy har har honey. ;)
  • 4 Wisk Laundry Detergents $2.99 each, used four $2 coupons (3/14 RP) = $3.96 or $0.99 each
  • Doritos Late Night $2.99 - we got the taco flavor and DBF loved them! This will finish off a Dos Equis NBPR rebate for $10 WYB $15 worth of snacks (Exp. 3/31)
  • Pepsi Max Cease Fire $1.49, used FREE coupon (WYB Doritos Late Night, tearpad coupon I found at Stop & Shop) = FREE
  • Total was $7.79


Shelly said...

Sorry to hear that you got peed on, but I had a Chow that did it at least twice that I recall. Once Mom was talking to a man who was squatting on the porch and Comet went down his back. Another time, I was talking to the neighbor and Comet peed on her leg. No idea why either time. We had him 11 years.

spaghetti0625 said...

Wow,that was quite rude of them...if that were my dog that peed on you (which he wouldn't) I would be so embarrassed and at least offer to pay for dry cleaning! That's dog urine on someone else's pants! And she just laughed it off? Oh she woulda got a rock to the head if that were me lol

Elizabeth said...

MAYBE she should train her dog instead of laughing when he repeatedly marks people. Wouldn't you just love to have that woman and her dog visit in your house? NOT. You are a far more tolerant person than I am:-)

annathy03 said...

How rediculous! I might not have handled that so well when the owner's just laughed it off- their responsibility at a bare minimum is to warn people, but frankly they need to train them not to piddle on people. At least your DBF got a good chuckle from it!

Shelly said...

I was certainly embarrassed when my dog did it!

Oot-N-Aboot said...

I hate to LOL, but thats too funny! Sorry you got piddled on! I would be mortified had one of my dogs peed on someone! I have a friend who's dog would pee on her adult daughters feet everytime she came over, nobody else!

frugalsuz said...

Sigh, why does this stuff happen to me? lol