Friday, October 1, 2010

Just When I Think I've Heard it All...

I've dealt with helicopter parents before, but today was pretty bad. A parent called me today asking if I'd mind if he call me every 2-3 weeks to check up on his daughter and see how she was doing in her courses. Wowzers, I almost didn't even know what to say! The college I work at is a commuter school, so chances are that this student still lives at home. And she's not new to the school, she's almost due to graduate with her Associates so she has to be at least 19 or 20 years old. I asked him why he was looking for this information and he told me that she's immature for her age and that with all the money he's paying for tuition, he wants to make sure she's doing what she needs to do.

Here's a thought. TALK TO YOUR DAUGHTER ABOUT HOW SHE'S DOING IN SCHOOL! It truly amazes me when parents ask us for things like this. If I were either the parent or the student in this situation, I'd be mortified! When I went to school, I attended a huge university and if you didn't learn to speak up for yourself and figure out who to talk to/where to go, you got lost in the shuffle. I've always believed that's a valuable life skill. You have to learn how to watch out for yourself and handle your own problems. I routinely run into parents who won't/don't let their children learn how to figure things out for themselves and I always wonder what they are thinking. If your child really hits a speed bump, I can certainly understand calling the school with them or on their behalf. But to call for something like this? Unbelievable.
Rite Aid - finished off the P&G deal I've been working on with my Olay purchases. RA tracks your purchases towards this deal, so I've been accumulating extra money towards an additional UP Reward. The Old Spices I bought tipped me over the edge for a fifth $10 UP.
  • 4 Old Spice Fresh Collection Body Sprays $4 each, used two BOGO coupons and two $1 off 2 coupons (both from P&G coupon booklet I got from a previous rebate), got back $10 UP Reward and will get back $2 (SCR #62) = $6 profit
  • 2 Nexxus Sham/Cond $15.99 and $4.99 (reg price $9.99, BOGO 50% off sale), used $6 off 2 RA coupon and $1 off $10 haircare coupon and got back $7 UP Reward = $6.98
  • Fleece Blanket $1.99
  • Wendy's Gift Card $15
  • Used $5 off $25 coupon, $1 UP and three $10 UP's, total was $3.28

CVS - wanted to use up an expiring EB

  • 2 fabric storage boxes - clearanced to $2.99 each
  • Used $0.50 EB (quarterly spending) and $4 EB, total was $1.86, got back $1 EB for using my reusable bag

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