Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Its a Miracle!

Guess what arrived in today's mail? A check from Neutrogena for $34.99! After getting a check for $4 and change at my parents' address, I wasn't holding out much hope for any of the other Neutrogena rebates I'd submitted. I think so many people called them complaining that they put a hold on all outgoing rebates and reevaluated them. I still have to wait 8-10 weeks to get a check for the difference on that rebate, but I am very happy that this one came without problems. Its been nothing but problems with J&J - da boyfriend got a rejection letter for the spend $25, get $10 rebate on Aveeno items, so I have to call about that. I don't think I'll ever do another J&J rebate again!
Rite Aid - checked out a new store today but they were out of the Olay Pro X so I did a back-up scenario.
  • Pediacare Children's Cough Syrup or Multi-Symptom Cold (4 oz, not plus 4 oz) $4.99, used $1 coupon (10/10 SS) and will get back $4.99 (SCR #12) = $1 profit
  • 2 Tugaboos Diapers $0.89 each, used two $1 coupons (adjusted down to $0.99 each, from inside packages I'd bought before) = $0.09 profit
  • Senokot Tablets 50s/100s or Senokot-S Tablets 30s/60s $12.99, will submit for $10 rebate and got back $3 UP Reward = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Udderly Smooth Lotion (4 oz) $1, got back $1 UP Reward = FREE
  • Antiox Immune Support Shots (tropical fruit or sugar-free blueberry, 2 pack) $2.99, will get back $2.99 (SCR #13, Limit 2) = FREE
  • Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Butter, Dark Chocolate and Peppermint (0.35 oz) $1.99, will get back $1.99 (SCR #10) = FREE
  • Gain Dish Liquid $0.89, used $1 coupon (adjusted down, 10/10 P&G) = FREE
  • Used $5 off $25 coupon, $1 UP, $1 UP, $2 UP and $10 UP, total was $3.76, overall profit $6.21


  • Brach's Candy Corn $0.99, used $0.99 CRT (just got this today at the scanner) = FREE
  • Renu Sensitive $7.99 and got back $7.99 EB - raincheck'd deal from last week = FREE
  • Used $1 EB and $4.99 EB, total was $2.56


2 Baked Lays Chips $2.99 each, used $1 off 2 tearpad coupon = $4.98 - will use these towards a Guiness NBPR rebate on chips

Pears $1.50 ($0.99/lb) - will use these towards a NBPR rebate for produce

Now on to the main shopping

  • 2 Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeasts $1.50 each, used two $0.75 coupons = FREE
  • 4 Tic Tacs $1.19, used four $0.75 coupons (10/3 RP) = FREE
  • 4 Mentos Gums $0.99 each, used four $1 coupons (10/3 SS) = FREE
  • 4 Perdue Chicken breasts/nuggets $2.09 each, used four $0.75 coupons (8/29 RP) = $0.59 each
  • Mama Lucia meatballs $3.74
  • 3 Triscuits $3.33 each (Kraft)
  • 2 Oscar Mayer cold cuts $3.99 each (Kraft)
  • 2 Stouffers Pizzas $3.50 each (Nestle)
  • Used three $5 Kraft catalinas and one $5 Nestle catalina, total was $11.52

The catalinas scanned at self-checkout without any beeps. I was pleasantly surprised about that.

On another note, I read on HCW that folks have spotted TMF tags on Galbani mozzarella (found near deli) but I wasn't able to find any. Keep an eye out!


Anonymous said...

Do you know what the limit is on the Udderly Smooth Lotion?

Leann said...

I also got a rejection letter on the Aveeno rebate.:( I find it hard to believe after waiting for this rebate for almost 4 months.

frugalsuz said...

I'm so happy to give you this answer - UP's are unlimited! WOO!

Seriously, what were they doing all this time? And I did spend $25 on Aveeno items, so they're wrong. There's no phone number on the letter to call them either, so I have to look that up. Not very customer-friendly if you ask me.