Monday, October 4, 2010

Sept. Monthly Totals

September Totals - this month totally made up for August! I sold a bunch of stuff on ebay, which covered the cost of the coupons I've ordered, so I didn't include them in my totals.

  • Merchandise Total (before coupons): $1,326.57
  • Value of Coupons & Store Sales: $795.83
  • Rewards/Gift Cards/EB's Used: $433
  • Rewards/Gift Cards/EB's Earned: $517.71
  • Rebates: $193.47
  • Total Cost to me for the Month: negative $147.32
  • # of Items Purchased: 338, # of Free Items: 300

Rebates Received

  • Free Socks from Kerasol - my address & parents' address
  • $2 Blackstone NBPR - my address, DBF's address & parents' address
  • $3 Cortaid rebate - DBF's address
  • $4.49 Diamond Cutlery Rebate - my address, DBF's address & parents' address
  • $4.73 Neutrogena Clinical rebate - this check was supposed to be $39.99 but many people have reported only receiving checks for their out of pocket cost. I called Neutrogena and they're going to send me a check for the 8 to 10 weeks. Ugh. I waited two months for this first check!
  • $5 Snapple - my address & DBF's address
  • $5 Heineken NBPR rebate on energy drinks HUSA8210 - my address & DBF's address
  • $5 Heineken NBPR rebate on energy drinks HUSA8261 - my address
  • $5 Heineken NBPR rebate on $15 of produce HUSA8209 - my address
  • $5 Newcastle NBPR rebate on snacks - my address
  • $6.99 Pill Glide Swallowing Spray rebate - my address & DBF's address
  • $10 Newcastle NBPR rebate on snacks - my address & DBF's address
  • $10 Aveeno Items - parents' address
  • $10 Rite Aid Gift Card - Oral Care rebate - my address & DBF's address
  • $10 Zegerid OTC - parents' address
  • $14.99 Staples Gift Card from buying a tote bag
  • $15 TD Bank prepaid gift card from Blue Bunny - my address, DBF's address and parents' address
  • $15.83 Dryel rebate - DBF's address
  • $20 Aveeno Ageless Vitality rebate - my address
  • $20 Smirnoff NBPR rebate on $20.01 of groceries - my address, DBF's address & parents' address
  • $121.13 Rite Aid rebate check - DBF's address
  • $130.62 Rite Aid rebate check - my account


mb said...

Question on this rebate: $5 Heineken NBPR rebate on $15 of produce HUSA8209. It says to include UPC's. But what about items w/ no UPC's, like apples?

frugalsuz said...

I usually include a notecard that says that item had no UPC. I haven't had an issue yet. Hope that helps!

Michelle said...

I haven't received my Neutrogena Clinical rebate yet, but I saw your comment about many people only getting out of pocket on their check.

When you called, how did you phrase your complaint so that you justified them sending you a check for the whole value of the item?

I'm just wondering how I should phrase my conversation, should I have to make this call in the future.

Thanks, in advance, for all you do!

Michelle - in Ohio

frugalsuz said...

I basically said - I received a rebate check for Neutrogena Clinical that was less than my purchase price. They asked how much I'd paid for the item and how much the check was for, my name and contact info, etc. I explained that I'd paid for the item using store rewards and the woman I spoke with said that Neutrogena hadn't intended to reimburse people for anything other than the out of pocket cost. (ridiculous if you ask me) She did go on to say that since the wording on the rebate form didn't specify this, they were sending out checks for the difference.

I've only received one rebate back (did three) so I'm wondering if the company put a hold on outgoing checks and are reviewing them all. I mailed all three checks during the same week, so I've got my fingers crossed that this is what's happening.

Connie said...

When did you send in/receive your Aveeno Ageless rebate? I don't think I ever got mine back, but I'm terrible about keeping track. I think it went out a LONG time ago. I never follow up on the ones I don't receive....I need to get better about that!

Sheila said...

What do you sell on ebay to make $$$?

frugalsuz said...

I mailed them in June (did two) and I'm still waiting on one. Its taking forever!

I sell tons of stuff - shampoo, skin care stuff, makeup, basically anything that I don't need that will make me some money!

Leah said...

I'm curious to know how you sell your stuff on Ebay. I sell on Craigslist right now, but want to start on Ebay. Do you put little "packages" together and ship them priority? How much do you pay for shipping, and what nots? Do you put them on auction or "buy now?" haha That's a lot of questions. Thanks!

frugalsuz said...

I tend to sell each item individually, unless I have a couple of the same item. I don't usually do batches of various items, but that's certainly a thought! You can do a search for the item you're looking to sell and see how much they're going for. I'm not a fan of Buy it Now because the fees are higher, so I usually do a typical auction that ends in 7 days or so. Since I've been selling for a while, I have a general idea of what shipping will cost and guesstimate the amount when I list the auction. I bought a tiny kitchen scale and use that to measure the packages at home and then print the shipping labels via Paypal. Then I just drop the packages off at the post office all ready to go.