Friday, October 22, 2010

Nature's Getting All Over Me!

What a gorgeous day we had here in NJ today. Da boyfriend and I both took some vacation time today and decided to take Shadow with us on a hike. Would you believe that it was snowing when we first started?!? Snowing! In October!She loves to go hiking. We were out and about for over two hours and she took a quick nap in the car ride home and then was bursting with energy again. I was beat!As we started off, I felt like I was on a movie set for Lord of the Rings.
The trail paralled some small streams and swampy ground. We think it might have been an old railroad track. The path was always higher than the ground beside it and was very straight and level.Across the way was a beautiful background of fall leaves. It looks like there's a fence just before those trees start, but it was actually a line of gray-ish trees instead.
We passed this evergreen tree on our way in and spotted something odd. Christmas ornaments!
This little kitty's from '95! Judging by the number of ornaments on the tree, I assume a family has been slowly decorating for years. Odd, but kinda cute and certainly not something you expect to find in the woods! We also found a bunch of junk by the side of the trail - tires, a washing machine and the remnants of an old car. I have no idea how all that stuff got in there.
The sun kept peeking out from behind the clouds and when it did, it perked everything up.
Weird looking bark, huh?

I just love how sunlight looks when its shining through fall leaves.
Hope you had a happy Friday too!

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