Thursday, September 30, 2010

Makin' Money

Rite Aid
  • Olay Eye Roller $21.99 and two Olay moisturizers $8.99 each (one rang up with 10% discount so $8.09 and second was 50% off so $4.49), used $1 off $10 Wellness Coupon for skincare, FREE Eye Roller coupon (9/12 SS, max value $19.99, cashier took off $21.99 - I didn't correct her b/c she was giving me a really hard time) and two $1 Olay moisturizer coupons (9/12 SS) and got back $10 UP Reward (WYB $30 of qualifying items) = $0.42 profit
  • Tugaboos Diapers $0.89 ($0.99 reg price), used $1 coupon (found inside package I bought previously) = $0.11 profit
  • Used $5 off $25 coupon and two $2 UP's, total was $2.47

At another store, I did the same transaction again. The lotions here were a bit more expensive, so they rang up as $8.54 and $4.74. I've now spent $138.28 total on P&G items, and since this deal is tracking your purchases, if I spend another $11.72, I'll get back a fifth $10 UP. I'm thinking I'll get four Old Spice body washes/sprays. They're $4 each and I can use two BOGO coupons (9/26 P&G), so I'll pay $8 for $16 worth. I'll also get back $2 for SCR #62. So after the SCR, I'll only pay $6 and get back a $10 UP. Sounds good to me!

ShopRite - did the Kraft and the Nestle promos in this order

Kraft items:

  • 10 Philadelphia Cream Cheeses $0.99 each (limit 4 per variety), used two $5 coupons (adjusted down to $4.95 each) = FREE
  • 3 Crystal Lites $2.99 each
  • Kraft Mayo $2.49

Nestle items:

  • 4 CPK pizzas $4.50 each, used four $1 coupons (9/26 SS) = $3.50 each
  • Nestle semi sweet choc. chips $1.99 ($2.29 shelf price counted towards the promo)
  • Total was $27.49 and I got back $40 in cats - $20 for Kraft and $20 for Nestle = $12.51 profit!

The only thing better than free groceries is making money buying them! If you haven't done this deal yet, you get back four $5 cats for each deal. Each one is good during a specific week for those items (ie. Kraft cats good for Kraft products only). This deal runs into next week as well, but there's nothing about it in next week's circular. Maybe the same items are on sale again?


Pubbler said...

How about buying 4 OS body wash & 5 tugaboos (if you have enough Qs). Use 4/20 VV. Your OOP $3.55, you'll get back $2 SCR + $10 UP. Profit of $8.55.
I've been buying 4 Tugaboos at a time as fillers. I love getting that 44c overage every time.

Simplysara said...

Since you are buying four OS, you can also use the $1/any two Old Spice products that was in the PG (for the 2 you "pay" for) and the $1/$10 skincare and get another $2 in profit.

If you do this transaction (I did it twice tonight):

$16 = $4x 4 Old Spice products
$4 = $4x1 Gillette Body Wash
$5.98 = $2.99 x 2 Cross Action Oral B Tooth Brushes
- $5/25
- $8 (old spice BOGO x 2 from 9/27 PG)
- $1 ($1/2 old spice products in 9/27 PG)
- $2 (Gillette Body Wash 9/27 PG)
- $1 ($1/$10 Rite Aid Skincare q)
- $2.99 (Oral B BOGO 9/27 PG)
- $1 (Oral B cross action 9/27 PG)
$4.99 OOP
Get back $10 UP, $2 SCR Old Spice, $2 x 2 Up rewards for Oral B = $11.01 profit

carin said...

Do you have the new $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon in PDF yet? I love how you put several of them on one page. It's always really helpful for me to print it from your website. Thanks for posting your deals!!

frugalsuz said...

Thanks for the tips Pubbler and Simplysara! I love the Tugaboos overage too. I've never had a cashier even question the coupon. Simplysara - I saw your scenario and did it today, but I forgot to use the wellness coupon for skincare! Duh

I don't have a clue how to make the coupons multiplied on the page unfortunately. I get those right from Slick Deals and if they post one like that, I'll be sure to link to it for you (and me!).