Sunday, May 10, 2009

Easy Money

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! My wonderful boyfriend, youngest sister and I cooked a yummy dinner for my mom today. Thankfully DBF did the majority of the cooking, so I was sure I wouldn't give my mom a case of food poisoning. My sister made a delicious ice cream cake to go along with dinner. We went shopping at A&P beforehand to get supplies.
A&P - only some things are pictured. I took the pic after dinner was made.
  • 16 Breyers Yo Crunch yogurts ten for $4 or $0.40 each, used three $0.50 off 4 coupons (4/5 SS - could use four but I ran out) and got back $3 catalina = $0.40 (moneymaker with fourth coupon)
  • 2 packages Oreos $4.19 each (man, I wish I'd bought some at Walgreens last week!), used $1 coupon (when you also buy milk, from store display) = $7.38 or $3.69 each
  • 3 Turkey Hill ice creams $2.49, $2.49 and $5.79 (yikes! a non-sale variety snuck in there), used three $1 coupons (5/3 RP) = $7.77 or $2.59 each
  • Cool Whip $1.99
  • America's Choice milk $2.49
  • Fudge topping $1.94
  • Cabot cheddar $1.99
  • 7 papers $14
  • 4 loaves Arnold bread $1.99 each
  • America's Choice heavy cream $2.99
  • Asparagus $7.33
  • Onion $1.93
  • Garlic $0.80
  • Got $4.32 employee discount, used seven $0.75 cats and ten $4 cats and paid $11.90 balance on gift cards, total OOP = ZERO

$11.90 was the exact amount of money I had on my gift cards, isn't that weird? I now have a couple more handwritten rainchecks/cats that won't expire for a while, so there's no rush to use those up.

Walgreens - I had ordered twenty $10 Dr. Scholls coupons from ebay and they arrived on Saturday. I used them all in one day, doing two transactions each time at five different stores. I went back to ebay and ordered another 40 coupons. Since the deal runs all month long, I should be able to use them all (fingers crossed) before 5/30. Here's what I bought:
  • 2 Dr. Scholls inserts $10 each, used two $10 coupons (4/26 SS) and got back $10 RR = $10 profit

Rinse and repeat 10 more times = $100 profit. Mixed in there, I also bought:

  • Right Guard Deodorant $2.99, used $1 coupon (4/19 SS) and got back $2 RR = FREE
  • Sure for Men deodorant $1.99, used $1 coupon (from Pert Plus rebate, just remembered there are $1.50 coupons in the 5/3 SS) and will submit for Try Me Free rebate = $1 profit
  • Snickers bar $0.95 - for my chauffeur aka wonderful boyfriend


Amiyrah said...

Hey girlie!

The yogurt you have pictured is breyers :o). I almost got scared when I read yoplait, because I cut out my breyers coupons lol

Shelly said...

Wow, that's a lot of inserts! I'm going to try my hand at it Friday night. I'll get DBF some so he'll be more willing to do a transaction or two for me.....j/k he never has a problem helping me hound. He finds it entertaining!

julia said...

I am wondering which coupon did you buy from ebay to get the Dr. Scholl's insole. I only see "save $10 on any Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts Product". Is this the one you got? Can you use this one to buy memory fit and message gel of Dr. Scholl,etc?
Thank you very much and I will buy the coupon after hearing from you,

janiceinKC said...

Did yu have any probs with this Dr. Scholl's coupon at WAGS. After much contemplation I also ordered 20 of these..your blog is great I really enjoy the fact that you not only save money but yu also earn a profit...thanks for sharing.Janice in Kansas City

frugalsuz said...

Oops, you're right! Just fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.

My boyfriend helps me out too. Its so great to have someone with you to do another transaction.

That's the one! The coupon works on all the Dr. Scholls inserts without so much as a beep. Have fun shopping!

frugalsuz said...

Thank you so much! Nope, I didn't have any problems with this coupon. It doesn't beep at all.

Precious said...

Great Dr. Scholls Deal! Thanks!

janiceinKC said...

Just came back from my WAGS run and scored big with the Dr. Scholl's inserts..not only am I 100 dollars WAGS richer, we are all gonna be gellin!!! Thanks for the great tip!

frugalsuz said...

You go girl! :)

CutiePatootie said...

Thanks a million! We scored $350 in 3 stores today. What do you plan on doing with all your rr?

frugalsuz said...

That's awesome!! I've been spending them slowly, some on new RR deals, some on stuff I just wanted. I'm also holding on to a couple for the Tena underwear on 5/24. Its going to be on sale for about $12, print a $2 RR and there was a mail in rebate in the 4/26 SS. I do rebates at my address, my parent's address and my boyfriend's address, so that's a way for me to turn about $30 in RR's into cash.