Saturday, May 2, 2009

April Savings

April Monthly Totals
  • Merchandise Total (before coupons): $2,465.89
  • Value of Coupons & Store Sales: $1,788.78
  • Rewards/Gift Cards/EB's Used: $637.17
  • Rewards/Gift Cards/EB's Earned: $697.60
  • Rebates: $84.06
  • Total Cost to me (after rewards earned and rebates): negative $56.54 - that means I didn't really spend any money this month, I earned it!!
  • Total Profit: $305.93
  • # of Items: 571, # of Free Items: 386

Savings Updates

  • Received my $15 gift cards for a previous Olay rebate. Got one at my address, one at DBF's address and one at my parent's address. Since these cards are such a pain in the rear to use, I used them to buy $45 worth of gift cards at CVS.
  • Increased my 401(k) contributions to 8% of my annual salary. I also now qualify for an employer contribution because I've worked here for over a year. Yay!
  • I listed a bunch of items on ebay on 4/21 when they had a $0.15 listing fee special. Thanks Laurie for posting about that!
  • I signed up for an auto insurance policy in my own name and paid the six month premium in full (saving myself a little versus monthly payments). My renter's insurance premium was due in May so I decided to switch this policy to the same company as my auto insurance, so I get a discount for that. I also paid this premium in full. I charged both payments to my Discover card so I'll get 2% back as a reward - which I'll eventually cash in for CVS gift cards. I paid my credit card bill in full to avoid paying any interest.
  • Set up a savings account to save for my next car. My entire car payment - $265.69 is going to be saved each month.
  • I'm also putting aside money each month for my car insurance and renter's insurance premiums. This sounds obvious, but I never really did that before and was always surprised when the bills came in. Duh! Now I'll be ready.
  • I had to heavily dip into my savings to pay for some needed car repairs. The total came to over $1,000. I charged the bill to my Discover card and got back 5% as a reward. I paid the balance in full. This plus my insurance bills qualified me for a $40 gift card as a reward. I cashed this in for a CVS gift card and got a $5 bonus.
  • ebay - I started to keep a better, more accurate record of what I'm earning. I'm tracking what I originally paid for the item, what it sold for, how much the shipping was and all the fees I paid.

Deposits to Savings

  • Rebate checks received - $3.99 Hillshire Farms parents' address, $3.99 Hillshire Farms DBF's address, $8 Orajel and $8 Orajel DBF's address
  • Sir Piggy was getting rather heavy, so I cashed him out. $20.65 in loose change went into savings.

Balances as of Today

  • Short Term Savings $548.42 - gotta get this back to $1,000
  • Emergency Fund $72.25
  • Car Fund (savings for new car and auto insurance) - $305.85
  • Credit Cards - ZERO!
  • Car Loan - PAID OFF!
  • Student Loans - $79,127


Laurie said...

I started a car fund too this month. I paid off my car last year, but I finally realized that I should still be putting what I used to pay into a savings account. I opened a second ING acct. so I can't touch the money. I figure it will also double as my car repair money should any problems arise.

annathy03 said...

Great Job as usual!!! For your discover card, do they still offer the same one? As much as I hesitate to get a 3rd CC those rewards seem really good... 5% on your car repair is great!

Amiyrah said...

I knew you'd make up for last month! Way to go!

frugalsuz said...

Good for you! It definitely makes sense to do this, you're used to paying it anyway.

Yup, here's the link:

Ok so I lied, it turns out its only 5% for the first $100 in gas/auto expenses each month. I still really love Discover though.

Thank goodness, that was a bit embarassing!

spaghetti0625 said...

I hate student loans....I'm sure you do too!

Great totals!!!!!!