Thursday, May 21, 2009

Did You Know Deodorant Melts in the Sun?

Well technically, I also knew this, but in keeping with my "I'm an idiot" theme of the week, I didn't think that leaving a deodorant in my toasty warm car all day would pose any sort of problem. No worries, it was only 80 something degrees today. Sigh. The Right Guard leaked through the box and all into the plastic bag, all over my Colgate and other goodies. Now I have three Right Guard scented RR's. At least its a nice smell! lol
  • Right Guard Professional Strength Deodorant $5.99, used $2 coupon (from inside box of previous purchase of the aerosol spray) and got back $5 RR = $1.01 profit
  • Carefree pantiliners $0.99 with in-circular coupon, used $1 coupon (from magazine, gave this coupon first) = $0.01 profit
  • Colgate Visible White Toothpaste (4 oz.) $4.49, got back $4.50 RR = FREE
  • Bic Bonus Pack Lighter $2.99, used $1 coupon (5/17 SS) and got back $1 RR = $0.99
  • Used $10 RR, total was $1.40

Later on I bought:

  • 3 Diet Cokes $12, used three $1 coupons = $9
  • Diet Coke Caffeine-free $4, used in-circular coupon = FREE
  • Gatorade $1 with in-circular coupon
  • 2 bags Deerfield Farms shredded cheese $1.50 each with in-circular coupon
  • Used $1 RR, $2 RR and $10 RR, total was $1.19 (just the tax)

Then because I have so many RR's to use up, I did a rinse and repeat:

  • 3 Diet Cokes $12, used three $1 coupons = $9
  • Diet Coke Caffeine-free $4, used in-circular coupon = FREE
  • Gatorade $1 with in-circular coupon
  • Used $10 RR, total was $1.19


annathy03 said...

That stinks! On the bright side, mascara does the same thing- so if your tube starts getting clumpy on you before it's due for replacement leaving it in a warm car helps liquify it again.

joelle said...

Hey - quick question - were the coke coupons you used the ones that we were able to print about 2 weeks ago? If they were, did they by any chance beep? I read on another blog that those coupons beep because it was a mistake by Coke to allow so many prints on that coupon. Just curious!

BTW - you have been just cracking me up all week with your "I'm an idiot" stories. It just makes me feel good that I am not the only one out there!! LOL

frugalsuz said...

"That stinks" LOL! Thanks for the mascara tip, I didn't know that.

Yup, I used a combo of those "illegal" Coke coupons and ones I had printed from my own Coke Rewards account and they all went through fine, no beeps.

I'm glad I've given you a chuckle or two. :) Its just been one of those weeks...

Chicagolandia said...

"That stinks" - LOL! It's amazing what will melt in the car on an 80 degree day. T hough for some reason, I never thought deodorant would.
Thank you for te Kraft dressing Q's! You bead box will be going in the mail tomorrow. I had so much fun putting it together! It helped remind me what I have on hand.

frugalsuz said...

I've had deodorant melt on me before, so I knew it could. I just wasn't thinking! When I got in my car to go home after work, I remember thinking "oh, something smells nice". LOL!!

I can't wait to see the beads, thank you again!

Precious said...

Your deodorant fiasco mad e3me smile! :-)

You ought to see what happens to eggs and any kind of bottled liquid in the heat out here! It isn't pretty!