Friday, May 15, 2009

Don't Leave Me Hanging

My youngest sister adopted this furry ball of fun while she was in college and christened him...Bootz. He was just adorable with that cute little face and adorable white paws. The whole family oohed and ahhed over his antics. Scampering around her apartment, playing with anything and everything and pitiful mini-meows. She adopted him at a younger age than I got my furballs and I was jealous of how little and how cute he was.

Now, I might just have to revise that thought a little.
Oh dear...

Look at those teeth! (my cats are unfortunately a bit jealous at this point, having been mostly de-toothed)
What on earth is happening here? Has Bootz been watching Thriller videos?
Is he singing? Screaming?
What do you think dear friends? I'm thinking these pics need some captions, lolcats style! Help me out...


Amiyrah said...

The last one is definitely an homage to the great Adam Lambert...

*singing* I was cryin when I left I'm dyin to forget you..


Tanya said...

...and everyone was Kung Foo fighting. Those cats were fast as lightnin'.

That's all I got :)

Jenny said...

oh such a sweet baby :) yes, even with teeth and claws he's still a cutie pie.

frugalsuz said...

American Idol right?

LOL, I like it!!

Yeah, he's a cutie. I bet he could be a cat model! when he's not being a monster, that is.

Laurie said...

Before I read your last line I was thinking that they looked like lolcats material. :-)

Jamie said...

Now that's funny! Aww, he's soooo cute. Orange kitties are my favorite.

I tried to think of a clever caption.. something along the lines of step away from my coupons and no one will get hurt... but i couldn't come up with anything.

Lillie said...

Show me Chuck Norris, I kick his azz.

Lillie said...

I also think "kung foo fighting" is a good one.

LittlePeopleWealth said...

Those are hilarious!