Monday, June 8, 2009


Snickers has invented a new word, Nougatocity! According to the label, "Snickers satisfies Nougatocity" whatever that is. Those Snickers folks are getting a little nutty. (hardy har har har!)

It was a nice change of pace to do some CVS shopping today. :) My card
  • Pampers $8.99, used $2 coupon (P&G Year of Savings coupon booklet) = $6.99 *Was hoping to get back $5 EB but it didn't print. I went back later in the day to show the manager a printout from where the deal was advertised (its not there anymore). I didn't have it on me at the time otherwise I would have asked about it right then and there. The manager didn't know anything about the deal and told me to call the 1-800 number on the sheet. I decided to just return the diapers - so I got back $8.99 on a money card.
  • Bayer Contour Meter $14.99, used freebie coupon (2/1 RP or 3/22 SS) and got back $5 EB (Limit 1) = $5 profit
  • Gillette Fusion Razor $7.99, used $4 coupon (6/7 P&G) and got back $4 EB (Limit 1) = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • 2 Dawn Dish Liquids (10.3 oz) $1 each, used two $0.50 coupons (P&G Year of Savings coupon booklet from previous rebate) and got back $1 EB (WYB 2, Limit 1) = FREE
  • Used $3.99 EB and $7.98 EB, total was $0.01 (cashier chuckled at that)
CVS - DBF's card
  • Gillette Fusion Razor $7.99, used $4 coupon (6/7 P&G) and got back $4 EB (Limit 1) = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Used $3.99 EB, total was $0.28
Rite Aid
  • 18 Mars candy bars $0.88 each, BOGO sale and used eight BOGO coupons (5/17 RP) and one freebie coupon = $0.70 ($0.43 was tax)
  • Gillette Fusion Razor $9.49, used $4 Fusion coupon and got back $2.50 RR = $2.99
  • Windex Wipes $4.59, used $0.40 coupon (5/10 SS) and will submit for Try Me Free rebate (5/10 SS) = $0.40 profit
  • Angel Soft tp (clearanced) $0.47
  • Used $10 RR, total was $1.13

I also redeemed a $40 Visa gift card for a Walgreens gift card. I received this gift card for buying two label makers at Staples.

I hadn't really planned on buying the Gillette razor at Walgreens this week, but I changed my mind. Its my boyfriend's favorite razor and I can only buy two at CVS (one on my card, one on DBF's) so that doesn't do me much good by way of stocking up. Also, after doing the math, paying $2.99 for two cartridges ($1.50 each) is cheaper than buying a big pack of eight cartridges for $26.99 ($3.37 each). Plus I have RR's to burn, so I figured, why not?


spaghetti0625 said...

Just as I'm starting to (try) eat healthy, you show the post with my FAVORITE candies! (Snickers and peanut M & M's). i actually got 2 candies (M & M's) today at A & P. They were .59 each, and I had only ONE BOGO q. But I feel that Peanut M & M's are good for you b/c of the peanuts :)

Chicagolandia said...

All that chocolate looks so yummy!

Jennifer C. said...

I read somewhere, but can't remember where (CRS strikes again!) that the Pampers EB's will print in July. So buy them now, get the EB's in a month. Wonder if it's true...

Together We Save said...

Wow - great deals. I love reading peoples deal combos it helps motivate me.

frugalsuz said...

haha, I know the feeling. Peanuts definitely cancel out the chocolate, so I think you're good. :)

Doesn't it?

Hmm, I've never heard of CVS doing a deal like that. It'll be interesting to see if the EB's actually print.