Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stacks of Soy Joy

CVS - my card
  • 20 Soy Joy bars $1 each, used $2 off $10 coupon and five BOGO coupons (both from 5/31 SS) and got back $20 EB ($4 EB WYB 4, Limit 5) = $7 profit
  • 2 Thermacare Neck to Arm Wrap (1 count) $2.49 each, used two $1 coupon and got back $4.98 EB ($2.49 each, Limit 2) = $2 profit
  • FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System $9.99, used $9.99 coupon (5/17 SS) = FREE
  • Gallon of milk $3.79
  • Diet Coke (not in pic) $1.69
  • Used $5 off $30 coupon, $2 EB and $10 EB, total was $4.46

DBF's card - no Thermacare at this store so I got a raincheck

  • 20 Soy Joy bars $1 each, used $2 off $10 coupon and two BOGO coupons (5/31 SS) and got back $20 EB ($4 EB WYB 4, Limit 5) = $4 profit
  • 2 FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems $9.99 each, used two $9.99 coupons (5/17 SS) = FREE
  • Kraft BBQ Sauce $1, used $1 coupon (printable, no longer available) = FREE
  • 8 newspapers $1.50 each = $12 (one for DBF's mom and my 7 usual copies)
  • 3 boxes of Barilla pasta $1 each = $3
  • Tostitos $3.50
  • Used $10 off $50 coupon, $2 EB, $3 EB, $5 EB, $5 EB and $5 EB, total was $4.50

My totals today were a bit high. I had been planning on buying some Frank's Red Sauce but the two stores we went to didn't have any, so I had to do some on-the-fly recalculations.


  • 4 loaves Freihofer bread $2 each
  • Used two $4 raincheck/catalinas

These were from ages ago, but since rainchecks are good for two months, I was in no rush to use them. I was totally out of bread, so this deal was great for me.

Walgreens (on Saturday)

  • Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor $9.49, use $4 coupon (6/7 P&G) and get back $2.50 RR = $2.99
  • Walgreens reusable bag $0.33 with in-circular coupon
  • Used $5 RR, total was $1.52

Then I bought:

  • Krazy Glue $2.79, used $2.50 RR, total was $0.49


Amiyrah said...

I was just coming to tell you to save your kraft BBQ coupons! The shop rite deal this week and next is crediting 2.19 just for those bottles. I was gonna use mine for CVS today but remembered the sale at SR. If you have more, get thee to shop rite! lol

The breakdown and good deals are on my blog.

Maria E. Lopez said...

dont you love the soy joy deal?? soo great!

Queenbuv3 said...

I scored free Soyjoy bars last week at Stop and Shop and this week at CVS. I love Soyjoy bars!

frugalsuz said...

Rats, that was my last one. Thanks for thinking of me though.

It is! Welcome to my blog :)

Really? I'm not wild about how they taste. They're straight to donate items for me.

joelle said...

I agree with ya on the taste of the soy joys! I can't get anybody in my family to eat them - but ya got to get'em when they're paying ya! :-)

Stephanie said...

I didn't think we would like the soy joy bars, but surprisingly my three and one year old like! I could live w/o them, tho : )

frugalsuz said...

Oh definitely! I wonder how many Soy Joy's I've bought over the last year or so. Its gotta be close to 100.

Its funny you mention that. At CVS this morning, there was a fellow couponer and her son checking out with some Soy Joys and Thermacare. The adorable little boy had his own Playskool shopping cart and was so happy to be able to put his two Soy Joys on the counter (he had them in the cart). The woman was saying to the cashier that he loves the bars.