Monday, June 1, 2009

I am Blown Away

When I got home tonight, this very heavy, very packed box was waiting for me. Can you see what's inside? You're not going to believe this! Read on dear friends...
Work before pleasure...

Target Update - so I called the Target store today to speak to the store manager about the "What a bitch" comment from Saturday. She was very apologetic about the whole situation and promised to speak to the cashiers involved. I doubt it will improve the situation much. The couple of times I have shopped at this particular Target, I have had issues and run into pretty unfriendly cashiers. Whatever, I'm over it. And if that lady thought I was being a bitch that day, she obviously doesn't know me very well. :p I got all the coupons back from the cashier, including the Target hangtag coupons that I had already taken off the bottles, so I'll just buy the Glade at my normal store. They can have my business instead. Walgreens - Store 1
  • Bayer monitor $10, used freebie coupon (10/26 or 2/1 RP or 3/22 SS) and got back $10 RR = $10 profit
  • Revlon Ionic Hair Dryer $12.99 (in circular as $19.99 - this price was not marked), got back $10 RR = $2.99
  • Real Soft toilet paper $0.25 (clearance price)
  • 4 Walgreens packaging tapes $1.50 each with in-circular coupon
  • Bumble Bee tuna $0.99 with in-circular coupon
  • Used two $5 RR's, two $4.50 RR's and one $1 RR, total was $1.56

Store 2

  • Bayer monitor $10, used freebie coupon (10/26 or 2/1 RP or 3/22 SS) and got back $10 RR = $10 profit
  • Revlon Ionic Hair Dryer $12.99, got back $10 RR = $2.99
  • Real Soft toilet paper $0.25 (clearance price)
  • 2 Geisha mushrooms $0.50 each with in-circular coupon
  • Used $5 RR and two $4.50 RR's, total was $1.15

I've now used up every RR I had that's expiring this week. Phew! I wish I had more time to use these darn things. Two weeks goes by so fast. I do have a bunch that expire this coming Sunday, so depending on how next week's sales look, I may use some of those up before then. Maybe another hair dryer? I wish there were other deals this week that I could roll my RR's into and still get back most of my dough. Maybe I can find a rebate or something...

  • 4 Hefty Tall Kitchen bags $1.24 each, used one $1 coupon and three $2 coupons ($2 ones adjusted down, 5/17 RP) = $0.24
  • Got $0.10 bag discount, total was $0.49

Later on at another SR:

  • 3 Hefty Tall Kitchen bags $1.24 each, used three $2 coupons (not adjusted down, 5/17 RP) = $2.28 profit
  • Baby carrots $0.84
  • Peaches $0.99/lb = $2.16
  • Total was $0.98

Now on to pleasure. Remember this? Let's take a peek inside, shall we? A couple weeks ago when I mentioned I was interested in dabbling in making some jewelry, Annie generously offered to send me some beads to help me get started. I was blown away by how thoughtful and sweet her offer was and happily accepted. I never dreamed she would send me such a beautiful and huge collection of goodies! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

There are strings of beads in all sorts of colors, shapes and textures...

A huge collection of funky beads in all kinds of shapes and colors...

Pretty, shiny round tubey-things. And yes, I will eventually learn what these are actually called. For now, tubey-things will just have to do...

An amazing assortment of shiny glass beads (I think these are called glass beads anyway)...
I love these metallic colors
And the earthy tones of these beautiesAnd what's not to love about the leaf veins on these? Adorable!She even thought to include some baggies and supplies!
All laid out, here are all the wonderful goodies that Annie sent me. I am totally speechless and amazed at her generosity and thoughtfulness. Thank you Annie! YOU ROCK!


Anonymous said...

That was so nice of her to send you that many beads.
As for the "what a bitch" comment. i recently had a walmart employee say this about me when i was far away from my home walmart visiting family. My sister in law put her in her place very quickly because she was the next person in line after me. I have also heard similar comments from cashiers about other customers and i stand up for them. have a great time with your jewelry.

Tosha said...

WOW! Annie is very nice:)

Jamie said...

Fabulous deals! I'm trying to figure out how to get myself a hairdryer with all these $1 & $2 RR rewards! Gah! I need to find another filler besides pocket tissues!

How sweet is Annie?! Wow! What a totally awesome surprise for you.

Virginia Mom said...

My mom does beading- the little tiny beads are called "Seed Beads"- she uses those to sew designs on pieces that she makes. Wow- that's quite the collection to get you started!

Eden said...

wow that's great! so much fun. :)

Precious said...

Annie a true friend! How nice of her to do that!

Chicagolandia said...

I'm so glad you like the selection. The tubey things are bugle beads, the metallic ones are glass-based pearls, and the coin shaped onestrami are mother-of-pearl shell. Happy beading!

Lisa B. said...

I guess I missed you saying you were going to try making jewelry. I used to make jewelry when I was in my 20's and just recently have renewed the hobby to make some cash. I'm trying to get my etsy store set up. Have you set one up?

Amanda said...

Annie is the bomb! I am very lucky in that she is one of my bloggy buddies that I've gotten to meet in person. And I can tell you, she really is that sweet all of the time! :)

frugalsuz said...

They are beeeuutiful! I love them all! :)

I've heard of etsy, but haven't done anything there yet. Of course, it would help if I'd actually made anything yet. lol

Eden said...

just curious- where did you get your $2 hefty coupons? thanks!