Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ahh, Sweet Relief

Hey, whadda ya know - I shopped at Target without being called any names! haha, what a wonderful world. Although I have to tell you, the cashier was friendly and bubbly when I started the transaction and grew steadily more and more grim with the scanning of each coupon. By the time we were done, she was downright scowling! My sister was there and saw it too, so I know I'm not hallucinating. But I got my Glade, so I'm a happy camper.
  • 10 Glade fabric/air sprays $2.99 each (lower price than before - weird huh?), used five BOGO coupons (5/10 SS) and ten $2 Target coupons (hangtags on the bottles) = $5.05 profit
  • Windex Wipes $2.69, used $0.40 coupon (5/10 SS) and will submit for Try Me Free rebate (5/10 SS) = hopefully $0.40 profit, if not FREE (Target lists the matching coupon right under the item, so its very clear that I used a coupon on this)
  • Tostitos $3
  • Total was $1.12

By the way, this is the regular price for the Glade, its not a sale. So if you can find the hangtag coupons, you can do this deal whenever.

And I was thinking about the car repairs from yesterday. They had told me I was due to have some servicing done because I've just hit 120,000 miles (I know). One of the things they were going to do was change my timing belt. The mechanic was going to do that yesterday in addition to the alternator change, but I didn't want to be stuck there for too long - I had to get to Walgreens afterall! - so I told him I'd come back next weekend for the timing belt. I could have sworn that I'd had the belt replaced recently, but according to his records, I hadn't. Cars are NOT my thing, so I figured I was thinking of some other repair. When I got home, I went through my paperwork and low and behold, I DID have the belt replaced at 112,000 miles. My last name on that work order was misspelled so it hadn't come up when he'd looked at my records. I am SO glad I checked! Now I don't have to take the car in next week for any servicing, which is a huge relief. Lesson learned - always keep your paperwork!


ThriftyPuppy said...

Hi, Frugalsuz! Thanks for the 411 on the Glade. Which order did you hand the coupons to the cashier? BOGO first of hangtags first or does it matter?

frugalsuz said...

I did the BOGO coupons first, then the Target coupons. I figured if I did it in the opposite order, the BOGO coupons would only take off $0.99 ($2.99 - $2 Q) versus $2.99 by giving that coupon first.

Queenbuv3 said...

My local Target only allows 1 coupon for each different item. 1 windex, 1 scrubbing bubbles, etc. Has their policy changed?

frugalsuz said...

WHAT?!? That's a load of nonsense (as far as I know anyway). I've had cashiers sometimes give me the line about "this coupon says one per purchase so you can only use one". They just don't understand that one per purchase means one coupon per item, not transaction. As far as I know, that is not a Target policy, but with Target, you never know. I've called corporate a couple times about various issues and have been told that each store can basically make up their own policies. One of the many things that makes Target so frustrating...

Precious said...

Yeah on you having the paperwork! Paperowrk has saved me a fortune over the years!

Great Target shopping trip also!

kc said...

Hi frugalsuz! Thanks for the heads up on the deal, we actually use this often with inside doggies. Have you seen anyone trading the hangtags online anywhere? My store didn't have them and was hoping I could find a trader. I do plan on buying 4 this week at CVS, free after BOGO and ECBS I believe.

frugalsuz said...

I always save my paperwork too, but I'm glad I thought to go back and check through it.

I haven't seen any trades for these coupons, maybe try ebay? I think the sale at CVS is on Febreze, the Target sale is Glade.

kc said...

OOOh good catch. I was just thinking febreeze, I forgot the glade stuff is out here. Good thing I didn't try and go to CVS yesterday!