Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seeing a Little Red

Last June, I went to the eye doctor and had my annual eye exam. The doctor gave me my Rx and I planned on getting some new shades. I had a lot of bills that month, so I told myself I'd get my glasses the following month. That turned into a couple of months, which then turned into several months. Then in December, I found out I was eligible for a flexible spending account through my employer, and I signed up for 2009. I patiently waited for my paperwork to arrive. January came and went, February crept by, March slipped through my fingers. Finally, in April I called HR and was told that all the paperwork, information and forms were available to me online, and had been available to me all this time. Oops! At this point, its April and I knew I'm going to go for another annual eye exam in June, so why not just wait a little more time, right?

So last weekend, I got my eyes all checked out and got my new prescription. Armed with my $400 FSA contribution, I headed over to Pearle Vision to get me some shades. They had a BOGO sale advertised in the store, so I picked out a beautiful pair of Michael Kohrs sunglasses and a pretty bland, but nice pair of regular glasses. My boyfriend and I "checked out" with a staff member. The frames cost around $220, and I was happy to hear that I was eligible for a discount on my glasses because of my health insurance (this discount is through Pearle Vision, not my insurance). The total came to around $290, and I thought, well, that's not bad for two pairs of glasses. As we looked at the paperwork, we realized they didn't take off the BOGO sale, so I asked about that. I was told that I couldn't do the BOGO sale if I also got a discount. I was a little peeved that I wasn't told this beforehand, but I saved more money with the 40% insurance discount than I would have with the BOGO sale. So fine.

So today I go to pick up my glasses and only the sunglasses were there. When I asked about the second pair, she apologized, said she didn't see that I'd picked out a second pair the other day and told me they hadn't been ordered. My receipt reads:
  • Michael Kohrs Montego $229.95
  • Ophthalmic Lenses $119

I thought the second line was the second pair of glasses, but its just the lenses to go in the Michael Kohrs frame. Grr. Its my fault for not asking more questions, but I am peeved at the sales people in the store. The woman who helped me did not once go over all the charges with me. Again, I should have asked, but still, is it too much to expect her to tell me what I'm paying for? Anyway...

She said I could get another pair of glasses for around $90-$150 or so, but I declined. I'm going to call my health insurance and see if I'm eligible for a free pair or if I can switch out the lenses in my regular glasses. Since I didn't get glasses last year, I'm probably due for something.

I am so happy! See all these meters? There are probably 40-50 meters here, and I'm finally getting rid of them! My sister's friend is a nurse and has graciously agreed to take these off my hands and put them to good use. So Becca, if you're reading this hon, they're headed your way (plus some other goodies). Thank you!


Jamie said...

Ugh! Sorry about Pearl Vision exprience! Those are very cute sun glasses though! I've been meaning to get some myself but just haven't taken the time to look.

I am totally loving my HSA plan at work, especially since my employer will have paid $1000.00 into the account by the end of the year! So far I have had $0 out of pocket costs for prescriptions, dr appointments, my new glasses, etc.

Queenbuv3 said...

I recently made a post about where all the free stuff that people get to get money back goes if they can't use it. I'm glad to see you are donating something.

Queenbuv3 said...

I need new glasses really badly. I guess I will not be going to Pearle Vision. They sound like con artists. And I am near sighted with astigmatism so I'm sure they would charge me $250 just for my lenses!

Lindsay said...

Bummer! Why does that stuff always have to be so tricky? :(

I've heard a lot about these discount glasses places online, have you ever checked into them?

frugalsuz said...

Yeah, they're nice, but mucho $$$. I called today and was told they don't accept returns, even though I have paperwork that says otherwise. Sigh, I need to think about what I want to do. I have the money in my HSA to pay for these, but I wasn't planning to spend $300 just on ONE pair.

My boyfriend got glasses from them before (different location) and didn't have any problems. Lucky me.

Thanks for the link. The prices are great, but I think I'd want to try on the glasses first before buying them.

Queen said...

sucky!! :(

they ARE really nice glasses though!

Precious said...

So sorry to hear you had such a hard time at the glass place. The sunglasses are adorable though!

Tosha said...

They really should have went over what you where purchasing in detail. Every time I buy glasses they do and I don't have to ask. Seems like a shady business practice not to.

frugalsuz said...

Thank you! I feel the same way. I called yesterday and asked about that and was told they don't go over every line in the receipt (how about none at all?!?) because...that would take too long. WHAT? Isn't that horrible?

Raquel said...

Have you checked out at all? I know you said you would rather try them on but if you're in a bind it's a great option. They are SUPER cheap. My husband ordered a pair just to have a second cheapie pair for when he plays ball with the boys and we were VERY impressed with the quality and fit. We expected them to be low quality since they were so cheap but they are actually really nice. I think after he added a few extras his total with shipping was about $22.

Shelly said...

Sorry you had so much trouble at Pear Vision! I get new glasses every two years and I'm a year late, but my vision doesn't seem to have changed much. I hate putting out all that cash!

You have a LOT of meters! I had 15 or so that I gave a lady at church to take to a diabetes clinic. DBF had arranged for his co-worker's DGF (a nurse)to take half of them, but she never picked them up. I must have bought about 20. I hope there's some more deals...I have 12 more coupons!

frugalsuz said...

Hmm, for $20, I don't think I'd care much about the quality. I'll have to check out that site, thanks!

Goodness, I know! The meters have slowly but surely been taking over. Its nice to have them all gone.