Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Super Cool Manager

  • 4 Garnier Nutritioniste cleansing cloths $5.99 each, used two $3 off 2 coupons (5/3 RP) and $3 off $15 facial skincare CRT and got back $10 EB (WYB $20 worth, Limit 1) = $4.96 or $1.24 each
  • Diet Pepsi $1.59
  • Used $1 EB, $3 EB and $10 EB, total was $1.01

This wasn't the best deal ever, but I really like these Garnier cloths and I have a bunch of EB's that are expiring soon.


  • Gillette Fusion Gamer razor $9.49, used $4 coupon (6/7 P&G) and got back $2.50 RR = $2.99
  • Motion sickness wristbands $9.99
  • Mazola EVOO $3.99
  • 2 Hunts tomato sauces $0.39 with in-circular coupon
  • Used two $10 RR's, total was $1.62

Then at another store:

  • Gillette Fusion Razor (bonus pack*) $9.49, used $4 Fusion coupon and got back $2.50 RR = $2.99
  • 2 packages Angel Soft tp clearanced to $0.47 each
  • Used $3 RR and $3 RR, total was $1.10

*I originally bought a regular old fusion razor (not the Gamer) and the RR's did not print. The circular does say Gillette Fusion or Fusion Power razor, but I guess its limited to the Gamer variety only. The manager (who is always so nice and friendly) did the exchange for me and he offered me the bonus pack instead of the razor! I didn't ask for it or even suggest it. Its a different UPC and everything (he checked) so it won't produce the RR's if you buy it. He rang up a regular Gamer razor and then gave me the bonus pack. How cool is that?!?


slugmama said...

Very cool!

Tosha said...

Wow! He is awesome.

Angie.. said...

Awesome- I love the nice and friendly mangers.

Chicagolandia said...

That's my kind of cool!

frugalsuz said...

I love managers like this too!

Precious said...

It is so nice when a manager gives great service!