Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dewey Readmore Books

Oh my goodness. Dear friends, have you read this little gem? Just look at those eyes! The book is appropriately called "Dewey" which is the name of this very beautiful and very special cat. Vicki Myron, the author of the book and also his owner, has such a way with words. She had me laughing out loud and also reduced me to tears. The book is not just about Dewey, but also the painful and bitter struggles in her own life and the difficulties her small town has gone through. One little cat did so much to lift her spirits and uplifted the entire town. I loved this book, from the very first page to the very last. I am admittedly a cat lover, so I identified with so many of Dewey's antics and obsessions, seeing those same behaviors in my own furballs. But I can't see how anyone could not love little Dewey. You can read a blurb about him here. Please go check this book out at the library (free books - yay!). You won't be sorry! :)


Simplysara said...

My family is from Spencer (where the library is) but alas I never got to meet Dewey. I haven't been back to Iowa in years.

frugalsuz said...

Oh wow, its really a small world, isn't it? Spencer sounds like a wonderful town and now its famous!

Teresa said...

I read this book and it was wnderful! You won't feel as though you wasted your time with this one.

Laurie said...

That cat is so freakin' cute! I'm going to put this book on my "to read" list. Thanks for the recommendation!

frugalsuz said...

Wasn't it? I couldn't put it down.

You think he's cute now, just wait until you start reading!