Sunday, December 21, 2008

Step Away from my Fortress!

Gigi really likes the cat tower that my darling boyfriend built. She's been exploring it all weekend. Mousse loves it too, but isn't quite as comfortable climbing it yet. Did I mention I have very skittish cats? Well, I do.

Notice the hint of tongue she's sticking out here? She does that a lot. I think she's mocking me somehow.
Hmm, anything down here I can swat at?
Well, hello human! Ahh, the world has righted itself. Cat above human, as it should be. :)


Jenny said...

LOL! this is too funny!

Lisa B. said...

She has such an adorable little face!

Emily said...

Ha, she has delusions of Ceiling Cat-ness :P

frugalsuz said...

Thanks all. :) I love her little pushed in face, I think it makes her look so cute.

Emily - she totally does! hahaha

Shelly said...

She's cute! They love being up high don't they? My cat, Midnight, sticks his tongue out too!