Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Help a Sista Out!

Amiyrah posted on the WIR Message Boards today that the Stop & Shop deal was even better! Folks on HCW were reporting that when you buy a $25 Best Buy gift card, you would get a $10 catalina for your next order. The deal is supposed to be when you buy a $50 card, but it was printing on the $25 ones. That's an awesome deal, so I stopped by after work.

But first, my Walgreens hounds of the day (look familiar? hehe)...
  • 2 Skippy Peanut Butters $1.50 each, used two $0.35 coupons (11/16 RP) = $1.15 per jar (I'm finally stocked back up again on pb)
  • 3 cases Diet Coke $11, used three $1 coupons and got back $2 RR = $2 each (this is part of the four day sale from today through Saturday)
  • 2 Olay Regenerist face washes $9.99 each, BOGO 50% off sale this week so second was $4.99, used $5 off 2 coupon (12/14 P&G) and will submit for $15 Gift Card rebate = $5 profit - will submit rebate at parent's address
  • Used $5 RR, total was $16.03 - paid with gift card so zero OOP

Stop & Shop

  • 3 trial size Scope mouthwashes $1.29 each, total was $4.14 and got a $10 coupon for any gift card (except for Visa, Mastercard, Amex and S&S gift cards) = $5.86 profit

Yay! The Scope works! (And don't worry Amiyrah, I didn't clean them out. :) There are tons left.)

  • $25 Best Buy gift card, used $10 coupon from first transaction = $15 OOP

...but no $10 catalina printed out. :( No worries though, I still made a $5.86 profit. I don't really shop at Best Buy much, but I'm sure I can find something to use the $25 gift card on.


...can someone...

...please explain to me...

...why I did a rinse and repeat?!?



Emily said...

Hehe...isn't doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results a sign of insanity?

Oh well, still profitable :)

Sarah said...

Do you have a hard to shop for person on your christmas list? If so, then those would be awesome! You could have bought the scope, done a second transaction with the scope, and then bought 2 BB cards & then get the $10 OYNO. LOL same profit, better end result ;)

Amiyrah said...

lol at the rinse and repeat. It's the deals, man, the deals! Yeah, I was waiting for the lady on HCW to come back online to update us on that best buy deal but she never did :o(

Thanks for posting that the scope works too! DH is a mouth wash junkie and complains when I don't pack a big bottle when we travel. Now I don't have to :o)

P.S.- don't you have a BF? Dudes love Best Buy lol. If the deal worked, I was going to save the gift card for DH to have on our anniversary....or give it away on the blog. Probably the latter :oP

Laurie said...

lol. I would put it aside as a "just in case" gift. ya know? in case someone stops in w/a gift for you or something.

Lisa B. said...

I bet those smart gals over at HCW can help you turn those gc into a really great deal. I would buy itunes gift cards with them for my boys. $50 worth of itunes would rock them.

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

um......i don't know. bet you could sell them on ebay :)

frugalsuz said...

I was thinking about that last night too. If I'd bought a $50 gift card instead of $25, I would have still made the same profit but would have received the $10 ONYO catalina. Oh well!

"Dudes love Best Buy" - LOL!! I'm sure my boyfriend and I can find something to spend these on, no problem. :)