Thursday, December 18, 2008

My WAG's Rocks!

So remember my double dipping dilemma? (say that three times fast!) Well, thanks to a tip from dancinmama, I called my Walgreens to see if they could print an extra copy of the receipt somehow. They weren't able to do that, but the awesome manager returned all the Olay face washes I previously bought (in three separate transactions) and re-rang them all on one receipt! So now I have receipts to send in for the Olay rebate AND the P&G rebate! That totally made my day.

And what's up with this? I got an email today from Olay advertising for their rebate. And right below it, it says "Plus, save even more on Olay and other P&G brands. Get your Year of Savings Coupon Book". Come on now Olay, stop teasing! :)

I really would like to send a note to Walgreens to tell them how helpful he was, but I'm worried I might get him in trouble. What do you all think? Was what he did for me kosher?


Krystalily said...

I think what he did was great, but I'm not too sure if what he did was kosher. :-/ I think it would be fine since technically you had "returned" the items, and rebought them, thus giving you a second receipt but I don't know. :) He was just being a helpful manager to a customer who was asking an innocent question about getting multiple receipts.

I think it was awesome of him to do it though!

frugalsuz said...

That's kinda what I'm thinking too. I think he technically should have marked my original receipts showing that I returned the items. But you won't hear me complaining!

Maybe I'll just write them saying he was very helpful, and just not go into detail.

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree that it is better to keep quiet. As a former WAGs peon, they seem to be nit picky and the store managers usually try to keep by each policy so that there store gets good rankings, bonuses.

Amiyrah said...

No, not kosher but so very nice! I agree, a brief call or note to say that he was helpful, nice and attentive will do just fine without having to go into details.

frugalsuz said...

I think I'll just send a generic note saying how helpful he was, but I won't say anything about the specifics of what he did. Thanks for the feedback!

Heidi said...

you don't have to say exactly what he did, you could just write a really nice note saying how great he is and how nice and helpful he is. Then he wouldn't get in any trouble, but you still get to write the note (which I think you should totally do)