Sunday, December 14, 2008

Home Cookin'

DBF and I made Pioneer Woman's Penne alla Vodka this weekend. We used a whole cup of vodka and it was pretty tangy, so I think we'll just use 3/4 cup next time. Deelish! Now that I'm thinking about it, we used Pecorino Romano cheese instead of Parmesan, so that didn't help. That's probably why it was so tangy. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to make it again!
  • 3 Progresso Soups $0.99 each with in-circular coupon, used three $1.10 coupon = $0.33 profit (give manufacturer's coupon first, then circular coupon)
  • 2 Skippy Peanut Butters $1.50 each, used two $0.35 coupons (11/16 RP) = $1.15 per jar
  • Candy bar (filler) $0.89
  • Used $2 RR, total was $0.92
  • 6 papers $2 each = $12
  • 2 cases Pepsi One $3.25 each, used two $1 coupons and 2 cases Diet Pepsi $3.25 each (would have bought four Pepsi Ones but they didn't have that many in stock), got back $3 ECB = $2 per case
  • Used $9 ECB, $6 ECB, $5.98 ECB and $1.59 ECB, total was $0.43

Every paper I looked at only had two inserts. And every paper DBF looked at all had all three. It was so weird! Guess he had the magic coupon touch today. :)


Amiyrah said...

Suz, how did you find that coupon? It just won't print for me. It must be a bricks coupon. If I can find the original link to the page where the coupon is one of the options to print, then I might be able to print it. Was it on a specific site like betty

frugalsuz said...

Its a Bricks coupon. Its strange you always have trouble with those! I'm sorry, but I can't seem to find the original page this coupon was on.

Jamie said...


Pubbler said...

Wow frugalsuz. Your pics are awesome! That's quite a stockpile you have. I also have problems printing Bricks coupons :-(