Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy Bee

If you've been watching the news, you probably know about the snowstorm that is affecting most folks on the east coast. It blew in my area this morning and with the forecast calling for 6+ inches of snow, I decided it would be smart to take a day off work. I can't think of the last time I've been home all day with nowhere to go, so I decided to really take advantage of it. I cleaned my apartment, vacuumed, emptied and scrubbed clean my cats' litter boxes, listed items for sale on ebay, wrapped Christmas presents, read emails, paid bills, filled out rebate forms, dug those darn Glade coupons out of the candle packages and reorganized my garage stockpile area. Hoorah for stockpile pictures!

Before we head downstairs, here are some of my mini-stockpile areas. I live in an apartment, so I've had to be a little creative with the places I keep my goodies.
Candle/air freshner storage - I keep these in my bedroom on a shelf. The boxes are inside cubby holes, so you can't tell what's inside. You may notice I don't have any of the Plug-ins up here (except for those couple of Febreeze plug-ins that I did a rebate on. The boxes are open so I didn't feel right donating those). I decided I didn't want to use any plug-ins because I didn't want them contributing to my electric bill. I also get nervous leaving them plugged in while I'm not at home.
Here's a new idea I had. I have a bunch of flower pots lying around. I bought them when I moved in my apartment and had hopes for beautiful flowering plants. Either because of my definitely not-green-thumb or bad luck, they didn't make it. :( But I really liked the pots so I saved them. I decided the other day to put them to use and took out all the Glade candle thingies. Its the perfect size to store them and takes up much less room than all those boxes would.
Good for tea light candles too!
This is a small closet in my bedroom. I got these shelves on clearance at CVS and they fit perfectly in here. I store my dry cat food here because the cats can't get to it when the door's shut. Also if I stored this in my garage, I'm afraid bugs or mice would eat at it. I also keep the printer paper I bought at Walgreens a couple months back and shipping supplies in here.

Ok, let's head downstairs now:
My face care stuff, toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrushes (hiding behind the toothpaste) and some loose razors I threw in another flower pot. Let's take a look inside those drawers:
Drawer #1 is razors, soap, vitamins and deodorant. I love that pink box because it keeps everything from rolling around in the drawer.
Drawer #2 - the feminine care aisle (look at ALL that Kotex! Oy!)
Drawer #3 - cleaning, dusting stuff and lint rollers
Now onto my shelves:
Reorganized kitty litter and cleaners
Shaving cream, body wash, lotion and conditioner
Shampoo and kitty food - those are bags of cat treats in the flower pot. I like keeping shampoo and conditioner in separate spots so I can quickly tell how much I have left of each. I always seem to run out of conditioner!
Some grub - bug and mice-proof only grub though, everything else is upstairs in my apartment
Smell pretties
You may have noticed I don't keep everything that I buy. I am only one person and don't see the need to hold onto every item I purchase, unless I know I'll use them in a reasonable time frame or before they go bad or expire. I give lots of stuff to family and friends and donate the rest.


Amiyrah said...

lol! we posted the same type of post at the same time! I put up a few pics of random things I have stockpiled. I love the flower pot idea! You can also use one of those flameless candle holder bowls. Thats where I put all of our tea lights when we finished the scent on one of the candles.

Lindsay said...

Damn girl! I love it!!!!!! Thanks for posting!!! :)

LOL at the Kotex... I never used them but now I'm like... I have 1638595 thousand of them I gotta do something!

Lindsay said...

ps: looooved your creative storage - the baskets and pots keep everything so tidy!!!

frugalsuz said...

I've been using those Glade flameless holders too! I just wish they were a little bigger. They're pretty and great for little odds and ends.

I actually like Kotex and have used it for years, so these sales worked to my favor. But still, its so much! lol

Amiyrah said...

ok, new question:

how the heck are you going to use up all of that all by yourself? :oP

Can you tell i'm jealous? lol

Precious said...

Great stockpile! Enjoy the snow!

frugalsuz said...

Which part? hehe

Emily said...

Wow...the productiveness of your day off is amazing. I'm ashamed :P And I heart the stockpile pics.

Good ideas from you and Amiyrah about using the bulbs from the wisp candles. It's about time to replace mine!

BabiesandBargains said...

i am the same way! I buy not to garage sale however I buy for myself and my family and friends...They all appreciate it:) I remember stockpiling in the apartment. We had boxes and boxes of stockpile. I was amazed how much I stockpiled!

Jamie said...

Way to be productive! Everything looks so nice and organized! I'm in desperate need of a snow day myself as my stockpile has once again found itself all over the floor :)

Shelly said...

Love the stockpile pictures! I was going to use today to get organized (first day of Christmas break), but I was lazy today. I like the flower pot idea!