Tuesday, December 16, 2008

P&G Day

EDIT - Thanks to Queen's blog, the following P&G trial size items are working for this Stop & Shop deal: Crest toothpaste, Crest pro-health mouthwash, Scope mouthwash, Secret deodorant, Gillette aftershave.
  • 2 Olay Regenerist face washes $9.99 each, BOGO 50% off sale this week so second was $4.99, used $5 off 2 coupon (12/14 P&G) and will submit for $15 Gift Card rebate = $5 profit - will submit rebate in DBF's name
  • Used $5 RR, total was $5.68 - paid on gift card so zero OOP

Stop & Shop

  • 3 Crest Pro Health mouthwashes (trial size) $0.99 each
  • Total was $3.18 and I got a $10 coupon good for any gift card purchase (except for Visa, Mastercard, Amex and S&S gift cards) = $6.82 profit
  • Used coupon to get a $25 California Pizza Kitchen (yum!) gift card for $15

There were lots of other gift cards to choose from and in smaller amounts as well. I saw $15 Blockbuster cards, $15 iTunes cards, $25 Olive Garden cards and lots of other goodies. I asked in Customer Service if I could use the coupon on a $10 gift card and she said that would be fine. I just didn't see any cheaper ones I wanted to buy.

The deal is that you get a $10 coupon when you buy three participating P&G products. The circular doesn't say it excludes trial sizes, but I'm not sure if and what other trial sizes would work. A poster on HCW reported the Crest was working, so I just bought these.


Laurie said...

Thanks for the Stop & Shop tip! Definitely headed there tomorrow!~

Amiyrah said...

cool! thanks for posting the deal. I have to go to stop and shop tomorrow anyway, so this will be another great gift for DH!

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

thank you so much for the S&S heads up! i totally would have missed this one!!

frugalsuz said...

Welcome all. I was surprised the HCW folks didn't make a bigger deal out of it. Oh well, I guess that just means there's more in stock! :)

Lindsay said...

omg going tonight!!!!!!!!!

stephanie said...

OMG! Did I miss it? What day is this sale over?

frugalsuz said...

Stop & Shop deals run Friday to Thursday, so today would be the last day of the sale. Hurry houndfriend! :)