Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Double Dipping for Me

I just called the Olay folks and the $15 gift card that you'll get for the current rebate is basically like an Amex gift card. Its not limited to Olay products and you can use it wherever.

I called because I wanted to know if I could submit my Olay receipts for this rebate and also for the spend $50, get $120 coupon book rebate. She could only speak for the Olay rebate, and that one requires an original receipt. I also called P&G just now and they require an original receipt as well, so unfortunately, no double dipping on this one. Shucks, wouldn't that have been nice?


Amiyrah said...

I thought about that yesterday too. I figured that we wouldn't be able to double dip but it sure would have been nice. Thanks for the update on the Olay gift card inquiry. How the heck could they limit you to only buying Olay products with it anyway?

P.S.- did the trail size crest mouthwash deal at Stop and Shop. Thanks so much for that tip! I needed to get one more starbucks gift card and ended up finding a 15 dollar one. 5 bucks for a 15 dollar card is bananas!

frugalsuz said...

I think dancinmama had mentioned someone posted on HCW that the gift card might only be good on Olay products. I'm glad its not!

I'm glad you were able to do the S&S deal too. You know how I love moneymakers! :)