Thursday, December 29, 2011

Clearanced Warmth


  • Circo Flannel Sheet Set $17.49 (clearance price)
  • 2 Up & Up Dryer Sheets (35 ct) $1.36 (regular price), used two $1 coupons = $0.36 each
  • Total was $19.62

Da boyfriend and I have been trying to cut costs wherever we can.  Its hard to put together a realistic budget when we don't quite yet know what our average electric and oil bills are going to be.  Luckily, both of us don't mind a cooler house, so we've been keeping the thermostats low.  My sisters swung by for a visit last week and while one sis didn't even want to take her coat off, I was perfectly comfortable.  Lest you think I'm a terrible hostess, we were going right out for lunch and shopping, otherwise I would have happily cranked up the heat for her.  She lives in Virginia and is used to toastier climates.

These flannel sheets are going to help out a lot.  I was planning on buying a set before the winter temperatures really kick in and read a post from a fellow couponer that she found clearanced flannel sheets at Target.  I had to return some unused curtains anyway, so I headed over on my lunch break.  That store had a couple of sets clearanced for $14.99, but only in twin or king.  I hit up another store on my way home and found this set for $17 and change.  Aren't the bears cute?  I realize Circo produces kids' items, but these were too cute and too comfortable to pass up.  The $14.99 sets are manufactured by Target and have a red sign/postcard type of piece of paper on the front that tell you what size they are.  Be sure to scan them at a price scanner first to make sure that they're the price you want.

Both stores had a lot of Christmas/holiday clearance items, but they're only at 50%.  I poked around but didn't see anything that was worth buying.  I'm set on wrapping paper, tissue paper and bows, so the only thing I was really looking for was decorations for the house.  At 50%, the prices just weren't good enough for me.  Have you all found anything interesting?  


Sheila said...

I was disappointed with the 50% off clearance @ Target too & yet people were buying it! It was really picked over in my store. Cute flannel sheets :)

Connie said...

Those sheets are adorable! I didn't even see those at my store! I got the solid grey ones and am washing them as I speak to put on my bed. I am kicking myself for not buying the second white set I had in my cart...

frugalsuz said...

I know! There were tons of people buying things when I shopped too. Not everyone can be as savvy as us! haha

Aren't they cute? I may try a different store tonight and see if I can find another set. Its always nice to have a back-up on hand.