Monday, December 5, 2011

Problematic Perfume

Rite Aid

  • Halle Berry Pure Orchid Fragrance Set $12.79 ($15.99 reg price, 20% Wellness discount), used $5 coupon (from, don't see it anymore) and got back $5 UP (Limit 2) = $2.79
  • Celion Dion Sensational Fragrance Set $12.79 ($15.99 reg price, 20% Wellness discount), used $5 coupon (from, don't see it anymore) and got back $5 UP (Limit 2) = $2.79
  • Used four $1 UP's, $1.99 UP, $2 UP and $5 UP, total was $3.54
FYI - these coupons beeped.  The first store I went to refused to honor them because they said "redeemable at Walmart" (as opposed to "redeemable only at Walmart").  I chatted with Customer Service when I got back and they said they'd give the store a call to let them know that was ok.  In the meantime, I picked these up at another store.

This should bring my Wellness points to a smidge over 800.  I'm getting there!


  • 2 Smuckers Jellies $2.50 each, used $1 off 2 coupon (11/6 RP) - got back a $3 EB because I had a raincheck from several weeks ago for these
  • 2 Popcorn Indiana Kettlecorns $2.50 each, used two $1 coupons (9/25 SS) = $1.50 each
  • Rice Chex $2.87, got back $2 EB (raincheck price & EB deal from Black Friday) = $0.87
  • Scotch Masking Tape $4.79 - horrible price but we needed it
  • Used $2 EB, $3 EB, $3.99 EB (adjusted down to $3.66) and $6 EB, total was $0.13 
All of the food items count towards the spend $30, get a $10 giftcard promo this week.  I'm up to $17.87 now.  I also picked up a raincheck for Gold Emblem (CVS brand) vanilla extract for $0.88.  Spices are on sale this week and the sale includes the pure vanilla extract!  That's a steal of a price.


  • 2 Dozen Eggs $0.99 each
  • 2 Morton Salts $0.50 each with in-circular coupon
  • Used $2 RR, total was $0.98


Sheila said...

Thanks for the heads up on the vanilla! A steal :)

Mynde said...

Wowzers- thanks for the heads up on the vanilla! I'm going back to see if I can find some!

frugalsuz said...

I was almost happier that the store was out, because CVS rainchecks never expire! I'm pretty sure I have a bottle around my kitchen somewhere, so when that runs out, I can get some using my raincheck. Love that!

Thrifty T said...

What are the rules on accruing wellness points. I only have 850 and I'm not sure I'm going to make it to 1000 by the end of the year. Thanks for any info!


frugalsuz said...

Thrifty T,
You have to earn 1000 points by the end of the year to earn/keep your Wellness discount for the upcoming year. You earn one point per dollar you spend. Its a race to the end of the year for me! My one card is ok, but DBF's is a bit behind.