Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Stockpile!

Well, its not 100% yet, but here goes.  Let me tell you, moving all this stuff was NOT fun.  At least most of the items were stored in the garage at my apartment, so they were already on the ground floor.  
We have an extra room off the first floor of the house that's our dedicated stockpile room.  Da boyfriend built the small shelf you see there for the paper towels.  We had some minor flooding a couple weeks ago from a backed up drainage pipe outside and I didn't want to take the chance of losing anything should it happen again.  DBF cleaned out the pipe and put up a new one at a sharper angle, so there shouldn't be any water coming in, but you never know.  

I've had these white plastic shelves since college.  They're awesome!  The bottom shelf is pasta sauce, then up from that are oils, mayo, gravy, cooking sprays, etc.  Go up one more for canned fruit and mushrooms.  I used to have food on the top shelf until I discovered that some mice had taken up residence in this room.  Now all the food is in the room over (see below) so I have some random odds and ends on the top shelf until I figure out what I want to keep there.
The two black shelves on the left hand side of the pic were clearanced finds from CVS.  I've got tissues in the left and Ziploc bags of all sizes in the right.  These aren't the sturdiest shelves, so I didn't want to put anything too heavy on them. The nice thing about this room is the built in shelf running across two of the walls.  It gives me extra space for stuff - sponges, napkins, foil and toilet paper.

I got the set of wooden drawers on the right from outside the dumpster at my apartment years ago.  Stuff is shoved into them right now, but I'd like to get them set up with all our vitamins, cold medicine and little stuff like that.
I am in love with these metal shelves!  They are a gift from DBF's mom.  They're super strong and on wheels, which is so handy.  She has another set of three shelves that goes on top of this but has to move some things around at her place before we can add them to our stockpile room.

I've got all our canned soup, tomatoes, trash bags, dishwasher detergent, juice and soda on this bad boy.  The plastic container on the top right is full of Crystal Lite and the containers in the corner are full of pads and tampons.
This shelf was going to be all food, but after the mice incident, I moved a lot of stuff out.  Now its home to peanut butter & jelly, tampons and pantiliners, loofahs (in the bag), candy and some toilet paper.  Fun combination, huh?
All of the animals' treats are behind the door on this lightweight over-the-door shelf.  I've also got some Jello and granola bars on there.  
This is the room adjacent to the stockpile room.  For now, I'm storing all the food in plastic containers that I hope are mouse-proof.  I tried to keep everything together - one for cereal, one for crackers, one for chips, one for flour and sugar, one for baking mixes (brownies, muffins), one for snacks and one for cooking stuff - rice, boxed potatoes, etc.  
The upstairs bathroom has this amazing closet.  The shelves are really deep and I decided to store all the personal care stuff here, right in the bathroom.  I have a tension rod and a curtain I may put up to cover this.  There was a door, but it opened up into the bathroom door and was a huge pain the ass.   
Shampoo & body wash.  Those darn JF bottles are so wobbly, I decided to keep them towards the front.   
Conditioner and DBF's soap.  Gotta get him some more body wash! 
I know I have more shaving cream for DBF somewhere, but the women's shaving cream is two rows deep.  I've got all of his razors here in the storage bins, 
...and mine too plus some lotion.
Its hard to see (and take pictures of) but these bins have all my face lotion, face wipes, Biore strips, etc.  In front is the open stuff and things I use on a daily basis.  I wanted to keep them within easy reach. 
That top shelf is pretty high, so I only put light things up there.  Toothbrushes, mouthwash and toothpaste are on the second highest shelf.  I left lots of space open for expansion too.


Pubbler said...

love your stockpile pics!

Connie said...

Love your stockpile, organization and storage! I'd kill to have that bathroom closet! I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but mice can and will get in almost anywhere...ask me how I know!? Lol! I had sealed tubs like that of Christmas decorations stored in the basement and the nasty little suckers got into them!

Sheila said...

Wow, fantastic stash! I will have to organize my stuff & take some pictures but I think you 2 have more than us 4 LOL.

mb said...

Don't you just hate mice?! I bought some candy on Black Friday to save for stocking stuffers and silly me hid it in a closet which our cat can't access. Needless to say, I had to run out and replace it. The mice even ATE THROUGH MY REUSABLE BAG to get to the goodies! YUCK!

Kathy said...

You have to have the prize of the biggest stock pile in the nation!!!! Watch your food bins as mice can chew the plastic. I'm sure you are glad to have that job over with!! Merry Christmas.

frugalsuz said...

Oh no, damn those mice! We've been leaving all the doors open so Gigi and Shadow can go in and out of these rooms. I hope that will be enough of a deterrent.

Julia said...

Instead of a curtain rod in front of that closet, you may be able to put in a pocket door. They are not too difficult to install, and your boyfriend seems to be pretty handy.

frugalsuz said...

That's a thought Julia, I'll have to see what he thinks. Thanks!

Shelly said...

I love your stockpile pictures! Makes me want to get back in the game! I've not been bargain hunting as much recently...well, wedding stuff doesn't count. Even Vince said he misses our crazy shopping trips to Kroger on Friday night.

Richard said...

I love that stockpile, very well organize...

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Hunie said...

I have to say that this is a fantastic set up! So organized!