Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting back in the Groove


  • Candy Canes (10 ct, cherry or original flavor) $1.27 *The EB's for these didn't print.  After verifying I'd bought the right kind, the cashier manually printed them.  Since the system rounds up on manual prints, I got a $2 EB = $0.73 profit  
Anyone else have the same problem with these?  I haven't had a chance yet to get caught up on Slick Deals for the week.
  • 2 Smuckers Jellies $2.50 each, used $1 off 2 coupon (11/6 RP) - got back a $3 EB because I had a raincheck from several weeks ago for these.  They'll also count towards the spend $30, get a $10 giftcard promo this week.
  • 6 newspapers $2 each 
  • Used $2 EB, $2.49 EB, $2.99 EB, $3.99 EB and $5.74 EB, total was $0.16
Feels nice to be able to buy papers again!  The paper where I used to live had stopped carrying the RP, so I was buying my inserts online.  There's something so nice about having the inserts in hand.
I swear Shadow thinks she's a cat.  Gigi has been camped out on this armchair all weekend and Shadow couldn't wait to see what all the fuss was about. 

We had a really nice weekend.  My parents came up for a visit and took DBF and I out to dinner for my birthday.  The last time they were at the house, we'd just about moved in so it was great to show them some of the improvements we've made.  They bought me a slow cooker - that's going to come in handy!  My mom is sending me a recipe she has for apple butter in the slow cooker.  Can't wait to try that out.

Some random money happenings - I was invited for a CVS Advisor Panel survey for the first time in ages - got a $10 EB for completing that.  I've been finding beer rebates in the stores in the area (awesome!) but I am still signed up to get daily emails from ebay with any new auctions.  I saw one over the weekend for a $25 Coors rebate (103322) when you spend $100 on gift cards.  Its not valid in New York, only NJ so I went ahead and bought it.  I figured the chances of me physically finding that form up here are pretty slim.  I got two, one for my parents' address and one for DBF's mom's address.  I spent $1.60 including shipping on the forms, so that's a $48.40 profit!  


Peppermint Twists said...

Same thing happened to me with the candy canes... got a $2 ECB as well!

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday!

Mynde said...

The EB for the candy canes didn't print for me either- but same thing- the cashier printed me out a $2 one instead!

frugalsuz said...

Thanks Sheila!

Peppermint & Mynde,
Hmm, I wonder why the EB's aren't printing? Someone in corporate goofed up I guess.

Precious said...

I also had a problem when I bought the candy canes and was given a $ 2.00 ECB. Thanks for all the deals you post Suz.

Elizabeth said...

That extra $48 is a nice birthday present! Hope it was happy!

frugalsuz said...

You're very welcome! Its nice to be able to post pictures again. :)

It sure was!