Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday.  I spent Friday night with my parents and sisters and the rest of the weekend with da boyfriend and the beasts.  We had a nice low-key holiday.  Today we took Shadow on a long walk through the area and I feel so blessed to have been able to move to such a beautiful part of the country.  We're in farmland country and I love all the open space.

Since I was at my parents on Friday and there is an Acme nearby, I decided to make use of some gift cards I still had from a previous promo.  I had to complete several NBPR rebates, so using the gift card money was perfect.  My sisters in tow, I bought:
  • 10 Yoplait Yogurts $6, got back catalina for $2.75 off a four pack (which was priced at $2.75) = 14 yogurts for $3 or $0.21 each *There might be coupons out there for these, I planned this trip on the fly
  • $10.68 of Gouda cheese - for a $6 Stella Artois NBPR rebate on $10.01 of cheese/crackers
  • $7.98 of Cracker Barrel cheddar ($3.99 each) - to finish out another  $6 Stella Artois NBPR rebate on $10.01 of cheese/crackers
  • $23.95 of Ham - for a $20 Smirnoff NBPR rebate on $20.01 of ham/turkey/deli platters
  • $9.98 of Ham - to finish out a $20 Smirnoff NBPR rebate on $20.01 of ham/turkey/deli platters
At Stop & Shop, I also picked up - 
  • Wise Chips $2 and Tostitos $3.99 - will use these to finish a $6 Budweiser NBPR rebate (30558) on $10.01 of various items
  • 2 Andes Mints $1.67 each - will use towards a buy two, get one free rebate (up to $1.75) 
  • Taco Seasoning $1.15
My sisters and I went to Target to see what we could find and I finally got my hands on a queen size flannel sheet set!  These are clearanced to $14.99, but with any other clearance deal, actually finding them can be tricky.  We washed and used the set I got the other day and they are so comfortable! 
Staples - da boyfriend was with me and got two boxes on his Staples Rewards card too
  • 2 Staples Legal/Letter File Boxes $13.99 each, should get back $27.98 in Staples Rewards = FREE
  • Total with tax was $30.25
I say "should" because the circular says to buy Legal/letter storage tote.  We looked high and low in the store and these file boxes were the only things we could find that seemed to match that description.  These are the same kind that were free after rewards last year, so I'm pretty confident we got the right ones. 

  • 6 Pantene Sham/Conds clearanced from $1.57 - $1.69, used three $3 off 2 coupons (1/1 P&G) = $0.07 - $0.19 each
  • 4 Skinny Cow Candies $4.99 each, BOGO sale and used two BOGO coupons (valid up to $3.48) = $1.51 for two 
  • 3 papers $2 each
  • Used $6 EB, total was $5.72, got back $1 EB for using green bag tag and $1 EB for quarterly spending
Picked up another six bottles at another store.  Here are the varieties I found on clearance: Beautiful Lengths Breakage Defense $1.57, Beautiful Lengths Shine Enhance $1.57, Brunette Expressions $1.69 and Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality (big bottle 25.4 fl oz) $1.74.  Have you found anything else? 

Rite Aid
  • THIS IS REPORTED AS NO LONGER WORKING - $100 Visa Vanilla Variable Load Gift Card plus $4.95 activation fee, got back $20 UP (Resolution Rewards, WYB $100 of certain items, Limit unclear) = $15.05 profit
  • 3 papers $1.60 each ($2 reg price, 20% discount) 
  • Used two $1 UPs, total was $107.75

Bought a second Visa card on da boyfriend's Wellness card too.
Here's a closeup of the Visa cards. Its been reported that if you buy the "One Vanilla" card, you won't get your UP's.


Diane said...

I found another Renpure shampoo Friday when I was shopping. I noticed some of the Renpure is on clearance at my local grocery! Thanks for all your help, my hair says thanks too! ha

Sheila said...

It's now reported that the Vanilla Visa is not giving the +Ups & I didn't get it on hubs card yet...argh!

The Nursing Success Coach said...

Rite Aid pulled the $20 reward on the Visa. I should've shopped yesterday - boo!

Anonymous said...

Rite Aid pulled the VISA deal, no longer giving the $20 reward. I should've shopped yesterday - boo!