Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Guessed It - Rebatin' Yet Again

For anyone else that may have bought the Tim McGraw cologne like I did the other day, if your receipt says GS at the end of the line, that means it was a gift set and won't qualify for the SCR.  I called CS the other day and they researched it for me.  I just got an email back saying that since it was a gift set (even though the ounces match exactly what the rebate booklet says), its a no-go on the rebate.  
CVS - I bought three bags of CVS chips the other day, so I only needed another $24 to qualify for a $10 gift card.  We needed soda anyway, so...

  • 3 cases Diet Coke $4 each, used $1 off 2 coupon (printable - it went so fast I didn't even get a chance to put the link up in my weekly deal post) and will use these for a $5 Heineken NBPR rebate WYB $10.01 of party essentials (fresh and hot foods, soda and/or ice, HKNNA023)
  • Used $2.49 EB, $2.77 EB ($3 adjusted down) and $5.74 EB, paid rest $0.84 with CVS gift card

Then I bought another three cases separately so I could use them towards another Heineken rebate.  I qualified for a $10 gift card (got a CVS one) so all in all, I spent $6 on the chips (I'm going to use those plus chips I bought last week for a $6 Budweiser NBPR rebate on $10.01 chips and other stuff) and $22 ($24 - two $1 coupons) on the soda.  I'm going to get back $16 in rebates and got a $10 gift card.  That's $2 total for all those goodies!  And it gave me a chance to convert EB's to a CVS giftcard.  Man, do I love beer rebates!
Rite Aid - I'm already getting pretty sick of stepping into RA.  Here's what I got today - 

  • 2 Visine Advanced Relief (15 mL) $4.23 ($5.29 reg price, 20% discount), used $1 in-circular coupon, $3 coupon and got back $2 UP for each (Limit 2) = $1.77 profit for each
  • Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Moisturizing Shampoo (5.1 oz) $4.79 ($5.99 reg price, 20% discount), used $5 circular coupon (no beeps) = $0.21 profit
  • Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System $23.99 ($29.99 reg price, 20% discount) and two replacement brush heads $8.79 each ($10.99 reg price, 20% discount), used $3 coupon (12/11 RP *This beeped), got back $10 UP (WYB $40, Limit 2) and will submit for $10 rebate (WYB $30) = $18.57 for all three
When carrying over a balance from one transaction to the next, the system rounds up.  So I spent $41.57 but the system recorded it as $42.  This gave me $2 towards my second trip.  There are ProX items for $46.99/$37.59 with 20% discount and it got me thinking -- if it rounded up my $41.57 to $42, would it round up $37.59 to $38?  YES IT DID!

  • Olay ProX Hydra Firming Cream $37.59 ($46.99 reg price, 20% discount), got back second $10 UP and will submit for second $10 rebate (WYB $30) = $17.59
  • RA 6 foot Douglas Fir Pre-Lit Tree $31.99 ($39.99 reg price, 20% discount), will use towards $15 Heineken NBPR rebate (WYB $20 of trees, lights or bulbs, HKNNA022) = $16.99
  • Pet Bed $4.99 ($9.99 reg price, 50% off sale)
  • Hartz Quackers Dog Toy $5.99 and Hartz Cat Toys $1.79 ($3.59 reg price, BOGO 50% off sale) - Gigi and Shadow's Christmas presents
  • 4 RA security envelopes $2.39 each, BOGO sale = $4.78 or $1.19 each
I bought all the rebate items on their own receipts.  I also picked up a second Woolite Oxy Deep to use for a second TMF rebate.

So now here's my question for all you RA experts.  Since the $3 Olay coupon beeped, does that mean I don't get ANY points for the Olay ProX items on that receipt, or just the price minus the $3 coupon?  I haven't been using UP's to pay, so my out of pocket costs on all these transactions has been just the price of the items minus any coupons I might have.

My points balance increased from yesterday to today by five measly points.  I spent about $5 out of pocket on the Centrum vitamins, so I'm assuming the increase is from that.  Going by that logic, I should be credited for the amount of the Olay items minus $3, right?
Price Chopper - big thanks to Sheila for her PC posts!

  • 2 Sparkle Paper Towels (8 pk) $5 each, used $2 off 2 iSave coupon, two $1 coupons (doubled using doubler coupon in circular)
  • Total was $4.49 - $2.25 per pack!

Then I bought:

  • 2 Pub Cheeses $6.49, BOGO sale - will use towards a $6 Stella Artois NBPR rebate on $10.01 of cheese/crackers (#30618)
  • BC Cake Mix $0.49 with iSave coupon and BC Frosting $1.99, used $1 off both coupon (12/11 SS) and doubler coupon from circular = $0.48 for both
  • Andy Boy Romaine Lettuce (3 pk) $2.99
  • Total was $9.96


Bonnie said...

Hi, I believe you should get points for the $ out of pocket on olay (less tax). I wanted to pint out that last Friday I purchase 3xMalibou Rums they were $$9.99/bottle on sale. Then I used a $10 hang tag off 3 bottle and have submitted for a $15 rebate that was in our (California) CVS ad last week. (Unfortunately, here in CA we do NOT get ALL the good rebates you get...so jealous!) Anyhow, I checked my wellness points last not online and suddenly I had 20 more points. (I can't recall if the hangtag coupon "beeped" as I did NOT expect to get ANY points for that purchase (alcohol) BUT I think I did get 20 points (I am speculating that the $10 coupon beeped). I did a lot of transactions last week to up my points...on the same mission as you...luckily I have a R/A just off the path on my way to work. I did the vitamin deal on Sunday and I did pay with +UPS from the Home Improvement deal last week (so points shouldn't be from that). It is so confusing because they don't have a ledger on the website to see how many points you get per transaction AND points seem to randomly show up days to a week later (probably ALL by design!). I TOO...am sick of going to R/A...just want to enjoy the holidays and not worry about it BUT MUST persevere!!!

frugalsuz said...

Absolutely, I want a break already! haha I did a rough count of my purchases minus all coupons used and I think I should be over 1000 by now. I guess I'll buy another free after rebate item on Friday or Saturday and see what my receipt says. But then I have a ton of UP's to spend! Its a good problem to have, but still a problem.

That's interesting that they gave you points for alcohol. You never can tell with RA what's going to happen!

Connie said...

I am so happy you have Price Chopper and are posting your deals there! I only cherry pick there, and usually only if I see a great deal posted somewhere, so, THANKS!
Check you wellness account online. Mine was more updated than on my receipt. I'm at 989. Thinking I'll wait a day or two to see if it's totally updated (don't think it is). If needed, I'll buy a printer ink for 14.99 to put me over 1000.

Connie said...

Oh, also, there is a good deal on Glad bags at PC this week if you have more doubler coupons. There were $1/2 MC's (not sure what insert, mine were already clipped). There is a $5 OYNO wyb $15 and it's based on shelf price. I bought 4 at $10, minus $4 doublers and got $5 OYNO.

frugalsuz said...

I'm so happy that Sheila on Supersavvysaver posts her PC deals too! There's not much info on Slick Deals about PC, so its hard to find the deals there. I checked for the Glad bags but the store only had three boxes. I think I'm going to try a different store on Friday and see if I have better luck. Thanks for the tip on checking my points online! Now I just have to see if I can remember my username and password. haha!

Sheila said...

Question: Doesn't the $10 Olay MIR exclude the Pro-X Cleansing Device and refills? Is there another MIR that includes them? Any chance you know the price of the price of the ProX facial moisturizers? There's a $10 coupon in today's paper (Dash insert). Thanks for the shout out ;)

frugalsuz said...

Oh crud, you're right. Maybe I'll see if I can exchange those for another bottle of the moisturizer.