Friday, January 21, 2011

Come take a peek

Time for stockpile pictures! Its been a while since I've posted some shots and my stockpile room is quite a bit messier than it was in July. C'est la vie.
I have a bunch of pasta sauce crouching behind the Campbells and some Crystal Lite next to the Ziplocs. I'm hoping for a good sale on CL soon, I'm getting low and I drink it almost every day.
The top shelf is a bit of a catch-all - an extra hair dryer, candles, hair stylers and sponges.
Laundry stuff, fabric sprays, mouthwash and dishwashing detergent - those all go together, right?
I love my dumpster-dived set of drawers! Its so handy. The top shelf is razors, vitamins and lotions. Shelf 2 is tamps and pantiliners and shelf 3 is cold medicine.
That plastic bag is full of loofahs. I love loofahs and the RA sale a month or so back was the first time I'd seen a freebie sale on them so I loaded up. The plastic shelves are pretty much just full of tampons. The Busch boxes have kitty litter and trash bags in them.
Ah, my paper good table. This has definitely gotten a little out of control with the great sales lately. Behind the tissues on the left are a bunch of toilet paper and a storage box full of face wipes (Garnier, Olay, etc). Behind the napkins are paper towel rolls. The stack of diapers on the right has a whole other stack behind it and the black reusable bag is full of Tugaboos diapers. And nope, not preggers - just stocking up for some day when I might be. Diapers are pricey man!
Soda, more detergent, bottled water and plastic cups.
Poo/conditioner, more Ziplocs, toothpaste & brushes behind it and hiding behind some shampoo - a storage tote of deodorant.
DBF's shelf - razors (in the brown tote), deo, shaving cream. Tugaboos overflowing from that blue tote, my shaving creams, Dove soap, lotion and body wash.

Thank you for visiting. Come again soon!


Stephanie said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

batito said...

Love your stockpile. I'm jealous of your ziploc and garbage bags, lol.

Michelle said...

Awesome post!

FYI: I've been trying to redeem my rain check for the loofahs for weeks. I've looked at over 6 stores and the most at one store was 2. I finally called and asked if I had to order them. I was told they are discontinued. Hopefully, I can pick them up two by two before they're gone since there's no limit on the rain check. However, it will be a pain at each store explaining that I get them free after the owed $5 UP.

Mary said...

I really think you need your own TV show. :)

Mynde said...

Wow- that is impressive!

I would say though that there will always be sales on diapers- pass those bad boys along to someone who can use them now. What if they absorb moisture from your basement and they get ruined anyway? And what a blessing for a new mom to receive multiple packages of diapers! You'd be her hero!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stockpile! I love your blog. Keep posting the deals and the rebates. I'm trying to do more rebating this year.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at other people's stockpiles. Yours is arranged so nicely, mine's a mess!

Gerry said...

please be careful of all that cold medicine-it has expiration dates that should be followed I can't imagine your family would go thru all of that before some of the meds expire!

frugalsuz said...

Thanks all!

Gerry - I look through my stockpile periodically and anything that's about to expire that I won't use is given to family or donated.

Precious said...

Thanks for sharing. Love all your paper products.

Shelly said...

I love it! I have absolutely nowhere near the amount you do, but I need to post new pictures of my stockpole soon.

Colette said...

I agree with Mynde! Great stockpile and pass those diapers along. A kich butt shopper like you will be able get all the diaper deals once you do start your family. Imagine how much of a blessing you will be to a mom in need!

Great pics!