Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crab Apple Old Ladies

My coupon order arrived in today's mail so I scooted around after work to get my shopping done. We're expecting another snow storm tomorrow so I didn't want to take the chance of getting snowed in and not being able to get everything done. Plus I cannot stand to shop on Saturday when all the stores are jam packed. When I got home, my sister came over and we watched Revenge of Kitty Galore - HILARIOUS! We both have wanted to see it for a while, but I was a little embarrassed to see it in the theaters.
  • 5 Wisk Detergents $5 each, used five $2 coupons (1/2 RP) and got back $10 (for spending $25, Limit 1) = $5 or $1 each
  • Used $0.50 EB (quarterly spending), $3 EB and $9.99 EB, total was $3.22
Repeated this deal on my newer card but the store only had four bottles. I'll have to pick up a fifth one before the week is out.

Walgreens - was hoping to also pick up some Electrasol but the two stores I checked out where totally out of stock. Did this twice:
  • Omega Factor 3 (Soft gel 60's) $10, used $3 coupon (found inside package) and got back $10 RR = $3 profit
Rite Aid
  • 2 Darice Foam Animals $1.83 each ($2.29 reg price, 20% Wellness discount), got back $5 UP (WYB 2, valid until 1/22) = $1.34 profit
  • Gas-X Prevention (18 - 20 ct) $4.79 ($5.99 reg price, 20% Wellness discount), used $4 coupon (12/12 SS) and will get back $2 (SCR #17) = $1.21 profit *Also counts for Buy & Save promo
  • 4 Airwick Compact iMotions $9.99 each, BOGO sale, used four $3 coupons (1/2 SS) and 2 Airwick Freshmatic Ultra Spray Kits $12.99 each, BOGO sale, used two $4 coupons (1/2 SS) and got back three $3 UP's = $3.97 *Also counts for Buy & Save promo. Was thinking I'd also get back a $10 UP for a monthly deal (WYB $30) but I think only the bigger kits counted. That's ok though, I spent $3.97 but put put $32.97 towards that $20 Buy & Save promo
  • Used three $5 UP's and $3 UP, total was $1.99
On DBF's card:
  • Gas-X Prevention (18 - 20 ct) $4.79 ($5.99 reg price, 20% Wellness discount), used $4 coupon (12/12 SS) and will get back $2 (SCR #17) = $1.21 profit *Also counts for Buy & Save promo
  • 4 Airwick Compact iMotions $9.99 each, BOGO sale, used four $3 coupons (1/2 SS) and 2 Airwick Freshmatic Ultra Spray Kits $13.99 each (lavender scent is pricier apparently), BOGO sale, used two $4 coupons (1/2 SS) and got back three $3 UP's = $4.97 *Also counts for Buy & Save promo
  • Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers $15.99 ($19.99 reg price, 20% Wellness discount), used $2 RA coupon, $3 coupon (printable, no longer available) and got back $2 UP = $8.99 *Also counts towards Buy & Save promo
  • Used $3/$20 coupon and $1 non-prescription purchase coupon, two $5 UP's and $10 UP, total was $3.54
I now have $77.38 on my card and $85.49 on DBF's card towards the $100 I need for the Resolution Rewards/Buy & Save promo. Once I hit $100, I'll get a $20 UP.
ShopRite - was so happy to find so many of the treats at this store. I left a whole bunch on the shelf even after I bought all these.
  • 12 Purina Cheweez Treats $0.95 each ($1.19 sale price) - since I bought more than four of the same variety, four were $0.95 and the rest were $1.19, used three $4/4 treats coupons (11/14 RP)
  • 18 Chef Michael's Dog Foods $0.40 each ($0.90 sale price)
  • Used $2.50 catalina, total was $7.46 and I got back $30 in cats (for spending $30 on Purina items) = $20.04 profit
I wish you all could have seen the crab-apple that was behind me in line as I bought this stuff. I knew the Purina coupons were going to beep, so I went to a regular aisle, rather than an express one. As I was putting my items on the belt, a white haired older gal barreled her cart up the aisle (managing to knock it into BOTH sides of the aisle), shouted at the cashier to put up a divider between my order and hers (I grabbed it for her) and then stood there huffing while I was rung up. She had to be in her 80's and you could tell she just didn't care anymore what people thought of her. As the cashier was entering the coupons (which took all of two minutes), the lady yells "Shouldn't you call a manager? I don't want to stand here all day!" I chuckled under my breath as the cashier replied "But why? I'm putting everything in now." The cashier stole a quick glance at me and we both smiled. Some people!


Sheila said...

I did the same Airwick transactions 2x and got the $10 +Ups ea. time + (3) $3 + Ups You exceeded the $30, I'd give them a call.

Nice profit @ ShopRite AGAIN! We're getting the snow too...

frugalsuz said...


Oh really? Thanks for letting me know, I'll call them tonight.

slugmama said...

The scented oil kits don't count toward the $10+Up....that's why you didn't get the monthly deal +Up I believe.

spaghetti0625 said...

I went to SR last night, and the store was PACKED! My friend came with me and doesn't really get why stores get packed before a snow storm, so i had to explain...he's like 'What idiots!' LOL
Wow, that woman had some nerve huh? At least your cashier kept her cool!
I haven't gotten my coupons yet so I didn't get to do the CVS deal :( Bummed. If I get them today, I can possibly convince hubby that when we go to AC to go the long way (exit 40) to go through Absecon to stop at

Mary said...

Love your posts, you are such a real person! Always makes me laugh.

I just figure "older" people are in a hurry 'cause they know they don't have as much time left as they used to... ;)

Sheila said...

Maybe slugmama is right, I didn't get the scented oil ones, I bought the freshmatic compacts. Bummer.

frugalsuz said...

Thanks for the info. I called them earlier and they took my receipt info and said they'd mail me the UP if I bought all the right items. Either way, I'm ok with it.

Oh I know, people go nuts the day before a storm. I didn't end up getting too much at home, but it was crazy snowing at work so I ended up leaving early today. My car is disgusting now. The joys of snow!

It might be worth checking out your store to see if they're out of stock on the Wisk. Then you could get a raincheck and do the deal when your coupons come in.

Maybe try calling them? Can't hurt!

Stephanie said...

I was at CVS today and let a guy go ahead of me after doing one transaction. The guy was buying some kind of cold medicine and when told the price he proceeded to be really nasty to the male cashier. Telling him he should be ashamed of the prices, that it was ridiculous. I, of course, couldn't keep my mouth shut and told him he could always go somewhere else to get it! He then uttered some profanity at me and then finished ripping out the cashier!! I've never witnessed such outright vicious rudeness and I'm glad I stuck up for the poor kid : ) I told him not to be too embarrassed by "his" prices @@

Anonymous said...

Is the $30/$30 Purina catalina working at any other stores? I dont have a Shop Rite and I have hungry kitties!!

frugalsuz said...

What a jerk! If you don't like the prices, why wouldn't you go somewhere else? Its not like the cashiers determine the prices. Jeez, that poor cashier

I'm not sure. Its not working at any other stores in my area as far as I know, but sometimes catalina deals work at several stores. Maybe check out Slick Deals to check out the stores in your area?

Stephanie said...

I know, right!? He could of easily walked a few feet over to the kmart, which I feel sure would have had an even higher price for the medicine anyway, haha!