Monday, January 3, 2011

Huge Profit on Dog Food

  • 28 Chef Michael's Dog Food cans $0.40 each (sale price of $0.90 each) and 2 Purina Beggin Strips $2.79 each (sale price of $3.49 each), used $1 off 2 Beggin Strips coupon (10/24 or 12/12 SS) and got back six $5 catalinas (for spending $30 on any Purina items) = $14.22 profit
  • 4 Ronzoni pastas $0.40 each
  • Dole Salad $1.49
  • Used three $2.50 catalinas and two $5 catalinas, total was $2.55
The Purina cats are valid over a span of six weeks. If you do this deal, be sure to pick up different varieties of the Chef Michael's. The $0.40 price is only valid on four of each variety.


Taryn said...

Thanks for this! I guess it's working on shelf prices? I did this yesterday and spent over $30 before coupons. I'm going to do it again!

frugalsuz said...

Its a little tricky, but its based on the pre-Price Plus card price. This may or may not be the same as the regular/shelf price. I've been going by the prices listed on the sale tags in the store.