Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rainchecks are Awesome

  • 6 Maalox $5.09 each (reg price $6.79), used six $5 coupons (1/9 SS) and got back $10 RR (WYB $30, monthly deal) = $9.46 profit
  • Omega Smart Ultimate Super Critical Fish Oil (30 ct) $10, used $2 coupon and will get back $10 via rebate (form prints at checkout) = $2 profit
  • 3 Red Baron Pizzas $2.50 each - I would have bought more but this was all the store had. I'll pick up another two and then use these for a $6 Budweiser NBPR rebate on $10.01 of pizza
  • Used $5 RR and $10 RR, total was $1.04
Got a rebate receipt for the Omega for two reasons. First is that so I can use the main receipt for the pizza rebate and second is that so the $2 coupon I used on the Omega won't show up.

CVS - had rainchecks from a sale ages ago for the Olay Pro X cleanser to be $10 with a $5 EB. Since there was also a sale this week, I thought it would be the perfect week to redeem them.
  • Olay Pro X Cleanser $10 (normally $20), used $3 coupon (12/12 RP) and got back $5 EB plus $5 EB (raincheck) = $3 profit
  • Crest ProHealth or ProHealth Complete Rinse (16.9 oz) $3.99, got back $3.99 EB (Limit 2) = FREE
  • Xtra Laundry Detergent $1.49, used $1 coupon (prints in espanol) = $0.49
Bought the Olay once on each of my three cards, bought two bottles of Xtra and two bottles of Crest. I also picked up two Reese's hearts ($0.50 each) as a snack for DBF and I. The Olay cleansers will finish out a $20 Olay rebate that I started ages ago.

One of the stores would not manually print the EB's for me since there was a sale on Olay stuff this week. Has anyone had any experience with overlapping raincheck and current sales? I've never run into a problem with this issue before.
A rare picture of Mousse! He was snuggling in his favorite bed and DBF covered him with one of my jackets. He poked his head out and stayed like that for ages. So cute


Mary S said...

Rainchecks are awesome but I feel like half the time the item never comes back into stock! I have my fingers crossed that my CVS gets the Finish back in stock before the coupons expire!

Deb said...

Too cute...he looks like he has a little goatee!

Precious said...

Thanks for sharing you deals and Mousee with us. He is adorable!

frugalsuz said...

I know, its so frustrating when that happens. I hope your store gets the Finish in stock for you!

Doesn't he? Sometimes if its dark, I can only see him by his little white spots.