Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Omega Profit

  • Omega Factor 3 (Soft gel 60's) $10, got back $10 RR = FREE
Then I used the $3 coupon inside the package to buy another bottle - making that transaction a $3 profit. At both stores I went to, the Omega was on an endcap near the vitamins, not with the other vitamins. I'm not sure if its an item the store normally carries, so maybe that's why. Both stores had tons in stock, hopefully yours will as well!


Tory said...

I actually went to my store and picked up three. I took the coupons out before I went to the register and used it right off the bat. The cashier was totally cool and I was so excited to walk out $9 richer :) I love being paid to shop!!!!! Thanks for your hard work and information.

Mary said...

I found mine on the very top shelf, smack in the middle of the vitamin aisle. At another store I never did find it...thanks for letting us know about the coupon inside - I never would have thought to look inside - stuff like this I use to roll RR's and then just give away. A profit is always welcome!

Domesticity on a Budget said...

Thanks for the heads up about joining CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club. I just joined and look forward to earning extra ECBs!

frugalsuz said...

I thought about doing that too, but I was afraid the cashier might give me some flack about that.

You're welcome! I found the info from another message board. Its great when people share info like that. I would never have thought to look inside either.

No problem! :)