Friday, January 7, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane

I've been going through a lot of my older pictures lately. Wanna take a look with me?
Awww, Mousse was so tiny when I got him. I'd just moved into my very own apartment three months before, ended a long and abusive relationship and was loving my new-found freedom. I'd been thinking about adopting one or two cats for several months and then I found Gigi and Mousse online. Mousse's original name was Simeon but my Mom said he was the color of chocolate mousse and the name just stuck. Gigi was Gigi when I met her and it fit her perfectly.
I wonder what they were looking at! Gigi and Mousse aren't siblings, but they'd been raised and fostered together so the thought of adopting only one never entered my mind. Gigi has some medical issues (nothing major) so they'd been fostered for quite a while before I found them. They were nine months when I took them home from the pet store. I used to be able to fit them both into one carrier - that was always fun getting them inside! (NOT!) I'd just get Gigi in, scoop Mousse up to squeeze him in as well and Gigi would escape. So then I'd grab her, wrestle her in the carrier only to have Mousse make a break for it. Good times.
I'd just been petting Gigi before I took this shot and you can see the imprints of my fingers in her fur. They both LOVED this kitty condo and used to take turns squeezing inside and then turning around so they could spy on each other. That was also back when they used to play with each other. Now Mousse terrorizes Gigi most of the time. Little punk.
Ahh, the days when I used to be able to feed them at the same time! Mousse became very dominant as he got older and nowadays he'll growl at Gigi and eat all the food if I let him. They're on different prescription foods now so they eat in separate rooms anyway. Mousse looks part-monkey with that super long tail!
My sisters and I playing on the driveway. I do believe I'm sporting some pretty sweet tan velcro shoes (I'm in the middle)!
My youngest sister was the most adorable baby on the planet. Just look at that smile...and that sweet carpet!
I love this shot of my Mom, me and my youngest sister. Since she was the one usually taking the pictures, I rarely find pictures of her, especially from when I was younger. She still doesn't like to be photographed. Looks like it was a beautiful fall day. I bet she was yelling at my dad in her head to hurry up and take the picture already!
I wonder what I was so happy about in this shot? (I'm the one with the goofy grin on the left) My nose is so scrunched that my eyes have all but disappeared! My sister (left) looks like she's giving it all she's got to get out of the picture but my Dad's got a firm hold on her, and some pretty awesome glasses too. My cousin's hammin' it up for the camera. Looking at him in his farm shirt and overalls, you'd never guess he'd grow up to be the tattoo covered guy that he is today.

Don't you just love old pictures? Happy Friday y'all!


Sunny simple life said...

Wonderful memories!

Sheila said...

Awww, beautiful pics...wonderful memories indeed! Thanks for sharing :)

Precious said...

I enjoyed your memories!

slugmama said...

Love the old I'm in the mood to drag my old albums out and have a nostalgic day. ;-)

And yes, that carpet WAS awesome!lolol

frugalsuz said...

Thanks all :)