Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We all Scream for Ice Cream (Again)

When I posted the other day about buying Turkey Hill ice cream, my hunny was eager to point out to me that the deliciousness I'd purchased in no way qualified as ice cream and was in fact yucky frozen yogurt. He even went as far as to correct my error right on the source. He just couldn't understand why I would intentionally buy these. More for me! haha

Today, I'm happy to report that I have accurately purchased ice cream and not the imitation stuff that he so despises. He'll be so very proud of me. :)

  • 3 Blue Bunny Novelty Ice Cream Cartons $1.49-$1.99 each, used three $1 coupons (sign up for the Scream Team and coupon will be emailed to you) and will submit for $15 rebate (7/11 RP) = $13.53-$12.53 profit (bought two sets of three - will submit for two rebates)

There are lots of other types of Blue Bunny ice creams, but these were the cheapest I found. Plus I love these bars, so that was fine with me. The rebate is valid for purchases made at SR only. I found the rebate forms at Coupons & Things by Dede for pretty cheap. Folks on Slick Deals said you can call Blue Bunny directly and they'll mail you a copy (877) 986-6843 but I was never able to get a hold of anyone there. My calls went straight to voice mail.

I also purchased another $100 Visa gift card (plus $5.95 activation fee) and got back a $10 catalina. I used a previously purchased $100 gift card to pay, plus $5.95 cash. Love this deal!


Gosia said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and I love it!, the deals are very organized and easy to understand, also.. for some reason it is very calming, I feel like you make the deals stress free lol. I've never done RiteAid before and there is one up the road from me so 2morrow might be the day lol.

frugalsuz said...

Welcome Gosia! Sometimes the deals out there are so confusing, so I do my best to break them down for myself and others. I love shopping like this and want others to be able to do the same deals. Good luck with Rite Aid! Be sure to sign up for a free Wellness card when you're in the store. You need it to get most of the sale prices and to get back any UP Rewards.

Kathy said...

suz: can you e-mail me the rebate form? I also called and it went to voice mail.

frugalsuz said...


The rebate form was in the newspaper, not online.