Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Only Nasty Thing I Like is a Nasty Groove

(name that song)

What a day. Do you ever have days where you wish you'd turned your alarm off and just rolled over instead of getting up? Yup, that was me today. DBF too, but that's a whole other story. I don't usually talk about work much on here, because really, who wants to hear about work stuff? But today I feel the need to vent. Not sure if I've mentioned it here before, but I work for a college. The day started off with a guy from another department telling me I'd done this project wrong and it needed to be redone. I have done it this way for two years, but whatever, I fixed it (humming a happy song as I worked of course). Then a woman from another department came down saying she had a list of students who weren't active in the system, but she thinks they should be. I looked them all up and found out they were all fine. They'd all changed their program at some point and we'd done the appropriate paperwork to notify her department. No idea how she missed the paperwork, since she'd personally signed off on most of them. Hmm, anyhoo, moving on...

This same woman also gave my department a list of students who needed to have some paperwork filled out. My coworker says to me - "Suzanne, you worked like crazy yesterday, I'll take care of those." Awesome, I thought. I've been working temporarily at this campus and trying to get the feel of how everything runs and how to effectively manage the department. I was impressed with her initiative...until I checked her work. There were about 10 students on the list, and 9 of those 10 had the appropriate paperwork done already. Again, not sure how the woman from the other department missed this. You would think my coworker might say to herself - "self, these are already done. I think the best step would be to notify this woman so she can look these up."

Nope. She REDID the paperwork. This means more work for four additional departments and it was totally unnecessary. And once you send in the paperwork, you can't take it back. For a couple, she even submitted contradictory information that I had to have her fix. And you might ask, what happened to the one lonely student that didn't have the paperwork in? She SKIPPED it! Ugh.

Then we had an exceptionally annoying meeting with all the department heads, full of tension and awkwardness. I'm truly amazed at some of the unprofessionalism that goes down at this campus. Come mid-September, I'm out of there to my permanent home at another campus and I can't wait. Then as I'm driving home, people were driving like lunatics. The kind of driving that makes you slow down without even realizing it, just to have the time to avoid any crashes that might be headed your way. Finally at CVS, a guy deliberately cut me off in line. He totally saw me. Cut me off anyway. I could have said something, but I let it go.

So as you can imagine, by the time I got home, I was thoroughly annoyed. But then I look at my little munchkins, eagerly waiting for me to put down my bags and shower them with affection. They wouldn't mind being fed either. :)
FEED ME!!! I am the Gigi and I am hunnnnnnnggggggggrrrrrrryyyyyy!
My handyman boyfriend crafted this cat toy last weekend. Its a wooden box with holes drilled on the top and sides, perfectly sized for kitty paws. We saw one in Petco a couple weeks back and rather than spending $40 on it, DBF whipped one up. He also made one for Bootz and Freckles too. The idea is that you put kibbles inside and the kitties have to work to fish them out. An added bonus with Mousse - it forces him to eat slower. I swear he INHALES his food.
Before deciding which hole to select, its very important to thoroughly sniff and examine the options. Then the cats make their move.
Sniff... And fish.
Just for fun, we threw a bunch of toy mice into the box as well. The kitties seem to enjoy yanking out the mice as much as the food.
Its definitely a hit!
Each day, this is the sight I come home to. A scattering of mice arranged around a nicely cleaned-out box, perfectly ready for its next helping of kibbles. Life is good. :)


debbielynne said...

Sorry you had such a crappy day, but coming home to your fur balls has to take it all away!!! Love that toy. I'll definitely have to show my husband. I'm sure he could make one too!

Sandy said...

I dont know the name of the song but it Ms. Jackson (Janet that is) .... Is it Nasty girls??? Hahaha

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, I have no idea what you do for a living, but I was laughing - in sympathy and solidarity I promise you - when I read some of your comments about your day. I currently work with medical students and just love them and the doctors I work with, but I used to be the director of Student Life at a small satellite campus of a larger university and some days you would just scratch your head at what was going on. Stuff like you just described! So you really do have my sympathy. I hope that today goes better for you.

Courtney said...

That is a cute toy.

Sorry about the bad day. Does anyone think about the students when messing up paperwork? lol

Deb said...

Sorry you had such a bad day.
The pictures are adorable! We have one of those, but mine don't play with it as much. They have more stuff than I do!
I really enjoy your blog, and especially the wonderful links to coupons and rebates. Thanks so much!

spaghetti0625 said...

I worked at a college campus (not really college, like the techie schools) and I know how frustrating it could be. The departments there (at least where I was) NEVER worked together, yet we are supposed to be a TEAM, one big happy family. And they always through MY department under the bus (Financial Aid). What a bunch of bologna!
Hope your days are getting better...what a great site to see when you arrive home...all them kitties! I want Lucky to have a brother/sister, but we took her over to a friend's house that has 2 kittens and she was NOT having that...ho hum...she's just gonna be an only child :(

Cynthia said...

How fun with the kitties. That can end the day well.

frugalsuz said...

It totally does. My boyfriend has told me that they come running to the door when they hear me coming up the stairs.

Janet, Ms Jackson if you're nasty! Right on, I think its called Nasty. I love me some 80's music!

I'm a Dean of Advising and sometimes its more entertaining and frustrating dealing with my coworkers than the students! haha

I know, right? That's why I double checked her work and had her fix the major errors. The errors that didn't affect students I let go because we can't undo the paperwork. So frustrating. Makes me want to do everything myself, but that's just unrealistic.

I find that if I hide some of their toys and bring them out from time to time, they act like they're new toys and go crazy for them all over again. Maybe that might help. I'm so glad my blog is helpful for you! :)

I think it takes some time for cats to get used to each other. My kitties were raised together, so that wasn't an issue. But if I brought another cat into the mix, I'm sure we'd have issues.

It totally does! :)