Friday, February 12, 2010

Lurking Beneath the Surface

Its Friday and you know what that means - more frugalsuz Fun Friday Fotos! (woot woot!)
Four of my lovely aunts posing for the camera. Lordy, look at all that gorgeous hair! But wait, one of these things just doesn't belong.
Hair pulled back? Button down shirt instead of a turtleneck? You better close those eyes to avoid the dirty look your sister is throwing your way! (BTW "collar" is the "grape" aunt)
What do you suppose they're looking at?
"Hey check it out bro, she's got her hair pulled back!" says doofster with the red jacket. "Yeah man, that's hilarious" the unfortunately plaid-jacketed fellow replies. Mr. Cool looks upon the scene with amusement in his eyes. "Chicks" he thinks to himself.
No, my father bears absolutely no resemblance to James Lipton. Why do you ask? Moving on...
And finally, to finish out this Friday Foto Fiasco, one last gem for you to ponder. Innocent enough, a happy party. My grandmother (bottom left) sure seems to be having a little chuckle with Mr. Yellow Jacket (no idea who that is). But wait, is that a 'stache I see?
"Who's a sexy bitch?"


Janelle said...

your family photos crack me up

Precious said...

These bring back so many memories of our family gatherings for Thanksgiving at my Aunt and Uncles. But they took 8MM videos. They have since been put on DVD!

slugmama said...

too too funny....