Friday, February 26, 2010

I Got Out!

My sister came over and rescued me from cabin fever. My car broke down yesterday, and I can't go anywhere until I get it fixed.

  • 4 Post cereals $1 each, used $4 off 4 coupon (Holiday Savings coupon booklet found at SR) and got back $3 catalina = $3 profit
  • 2 Solo Cups $1.39, used two $0.75 coupons (doubled fully for some reason, 1/24 SS) = $0.22 profit
  • Baby carrots $1.69 - will use these plus the cold cuts I bought to submit for a $20 rebate
  • Total was $1.46

Had my sister buy me four more Posts = $3 profit

The kitties demanded a photo shoot today. They told me that the sunlight reflecting off all the snow provided perfect lighting to show off their features.
Gotta love the little white chin.
Umm, guys? Can you scooch down so I can sit on the couch too? Guys?
My aren't we looking glossy and fabulous today!


lisa said...

The Post is such a great deal. We've got one $4/4 coupon left in this house, so forget the snowstorm, we're getting out tomorrow =]

Cheap&Sweet said...

glad you got out, good luck with the car.

Amiyrah said...

yay! you got out! you were really stuck in there, huh?

that cereal deal is bananas this week! I'm so glad that little one popped up in the old brain last week and I shared it right away on HCW. Had to re-do it about 4 times to make sure it was really that good of a money maker lol. The food bank is going to love all the boxes of cereal.

Precious said...

I think my cat and your black and white cat must be related! :-) I can not believe how much they look like each other.

Jamie @ I Am A Money Magnet said...

Love Your Kitty Pictures!!

frugalsuz said...

I know, isn't it?

Maybe they're long lost twins. :)

Lee W. said...

your grey cat looks like mine, Ricky, he's a plump kitty who loves to eat plants and lettuce, especially while laying down! lol

Jennifer said...

Love the blog! The kitties are adorable. Glad you finally dug out of the snow, and how your car's fix isn't too expensive!

Shelly said...

Such cute kitties you have!