Thursday, February 11, 2010

Living in a Shavers Paradise

Target - be sure to follow Queen's Target rules of coupon usage and give your coupons in alphabetical order - first BOGO, then manufacturer's coupons, then Target coupons.
  • 6 Gillette Venus Embrace Razors $6.99 each, used six $2 coupons (2/7 P&G) and got back a $5 Target gift card for every 2 razors I bought = $14.94
  • 6 Olay Total Effects body washes $5.49 each, used six FREE coupons (WYB Gillette Venus razor, 2/7 P&G) and got back a $5 Target gift card for every 3 bottles I bought = $10 profit
  • Total was $26.30 and I got back $25 in gift cards, so a total cost of $1.30

Then at another store, I bought:

  • 10 Gillette Fusion Manual Razors $6.99 each, used ten $4 coupons (2/7 P&G) and got back a $5 Target gift card for every 2 razors I bought
  • Total was $33.04 and I got back $25 in gift cards, so a total cost of $8.04 or $0.80 a razor

The store had tons of these razors and I didn't even come close to cleaning them out. I have 16 more coupons to use, so I'll be back. Even with tax included, this deal is cheaper than buying the razors at CVS or Walgreens, and I can buy lots at once, eliminating the need for multiple transactions.

I'm also going to use these receipts to send away for two $100 P&G coupon booklets (WYB $50 of P&G items). P&G did this same rebate last year and some of the coupons were just ok, but some were great. Its definitely worth saving all those receipts and sending away for it.


Precious said...

Awesome deals!

Kathleen said...

Thanks so much for this scenario. I happen to have 6 inserts!!!

Jean said...

Where was the deal in the ad for the gift card with 3 of the Olay's? I couldn't find it in my ad.

frugalsuz said...

Thanks! These razors are all that DBF and I use, so I don't mind spending a little OOP on them.

I usually buy six papers, and this deal just worked out perfectly with that many coupons. I ordered an additional 20 of the $4 ones from ebay as well.

I don't think its in the circular, Queen posted about it on her blog. Looks like there are some other hidden gift card deals this week too.

Jessica said...

I don't think the P&G coupon book deal starts until the 21st......almost sure I read that in one of the deal forums

Sarah said...

Are you not using the Target coupons on these too? The cell phone ones come off of each razor even though they scan it once.

frugalsuz said...

The rebate form on the link I put up says purchases starting 2/1. Hmm, I wonder which is correct?

I signed up for those coupons but I didn't get anything from Target. My phone might be too old school for them.

Slickcat said...

I think there's a new olay rebate that starts on 2/21. But the coupons are separate. I'll definitely be sending in my RiteAid receipts from this week :) Great deals!

annathy03 said...

What a great deal! Do you know if you can combine the razors (i.e. buy one Venus and one Fusion) and still get the GC? Also how do you sign up for Target cell phone Q's?

Jessica said...

Suz you are right :) yipee! the P&G rebate for the coupon book does start on 2/1, verified on P&G website. The rebate form is being published in 2/21 newspaper inserts so yes! we can count all our razors and free bodywash.

frugalsuz said...

I don't see why not! The first store I went to was totally out of the fusion razors which is why I didn't get any there.

I'm in rebate heaven!

lindy5983 said...

Can u please clarify your math???I do not understand the razor deal. Am I not seeing something??

Thanks Linda

Jean said...

There is also and Olay rebate for $15 back when you buy 3 of the Olay Effects body washes. So this a $10 moneymaker!!!

Queen said...

just sayin what up!

frugalsuz said...

Sorry about that, what's tripping you up?

You're right, I just updated my weekly deals post with the link to that rebate. Figures I bought everything the day BEFORE the rebate is valid. Oh well, I'm sure we can turn that into a moneymaker with some other deal.

Queen - hollar!

mona said...

Hi Suz,

Just want to ask about your total on your venus/olay transaction. I keep computing it and it comes to $4.94 cost to me before tax. I am not sure why you got a cost of $1.30. help please. Thanks!

frugalsuz said...

The razors were $6.99 each, minus a $2 coupon for each, so that's $29.94....wait a minute. My total overall was $30.18 but I bought some butter ($2.44) and powdered sugar ($1.44) as well. I didn't post these because I didn't want my boyfriend to see and suspect that I was making him anything for Valentine's Day. :) So taking away those, my total should have been $26.30. I have gone over this receipt ten times and I can't figure it out. Target receipts are insanely confusing!