Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Savings

February Monthly Totals
  • Merchandise Total (before coupons): $1,418.49
  • Value of Coupons & Store Sales: $752.86
  • Rewards/Gift Cards/EB's Used: $475.68
  • Rewards/Gift Cards/EB's Earned: $379.73
  • Rebates: $238.81
  • Total Profit: $166.14
  • Total Cost to Me: negative $75.05
  • # of Items: 318, # of Free Items: 196
Rebates Received - wooh! Look at all these!
  • $3 RiteAid rebates - my address and DBF's address - better not spend this all in one place!
  • $3.39 Nature Valley Dark Chocolate granola bars - my address & DBF's address
  • $5 SC Johnson - once at my address & DBF's address
  • $5 SC Johnson times three at my parent's address = $15
  • $5 Dulcolax rebate
  • $6.25 Caregiver's Marketplace
  • $8.49 Staples Rewards for buying binders
  • $9.99 Bioluxe - DBF's address, my address & parents' address
  • $10 Kraft Jingle in Your Holidays Rebate - my address & DBF's address
  • $13 Staples Rewards Duracell batteries - my address
  • $15 Olay Regenerist Rebate - my address & DBF's address
  • $20 Kraft Back to School 2009 Rebate - my address
  • $20 Olay rebate (WYB $50 of cleansers & moisturizers)
  • $25 Science Diet rebate for my cats' food. They also sent me a form for a $10 rebate for more food or for veterinary services.
  • $26 Staples Rewards Duracell batteries - DBF's address
  • $70 Visa gift card for McAfee software rebate

Random Money Stuff

  • Increased my monthly Roth IRA contributions from $90 to $120 and increased my monthly contributions to my 401(k) plan from 9% of my salary to 10%. Yay!

I also had some big expenses this month. I took the kitties in to get their teeth checked and for a check-up. That plus food and medicine ran me about $300. My car overheated and started smoking last Wednesday, turns out my water pump cracked and died. I just had that replaced a year ago, right before I stopped going to this one mechanic because I think he was scamming me. This part should have lasted longer, but since its been a year, there's really nothing I can do. Grr. Cost = $510. I also got a ticket for talking on my cell phone while driving = $54. The police officer gave me a ticket for the (as he called them) "doo-dads" hanging from my mirror instead of the cell phone ticket, which would have been upwards of $100.


Stephanie said...

Tell me about this Science Diet rebate?!?!? I found one last summer for $5 if you purchase through the vet's office, but have never found any higher than that available...

frugalsuz said...

It was on their website and you had to sign up to get it. I don't think its available right now though, sorry!

Stephanie said...

Darn! That one would have been nice since the food is so pricey. I have been getting the $5 off coupons by taking the three bag challenge, tho, so that helps!

frugalsuz said...

Ooh, do you have info on that program? I've never heard of it before.

Stephanie said...

Sure! Here is the link

All you need to do is enter some numbers off the bags of food already purchased : )

frugalsuz said...

Awesome, thank you!

Courtney said...

You can have stuff hanging for your mirror?! lol

I am liking you site by the way.