Friday, January 1, 2010

Surprise Moneymaker!

Isn't this cute? I found this wreath at A&P of all places and it was clearanced from $12.99 down to $3.25. After factoring in some overage from other items I bought, I only paid $2.18 for it! :)
A&P - triples, baby! There isn't too much so far, but I have faith in those HCW folks to find some more deals. There's a $0.35 coupon coming out in Sunday's paper for Softsoap which will make that free. BC potatoes are also free with the $0.35 coupon from the 12/6 GM, but this store was out of the ones I wanted.
  • 2 loaves Nature's Pride Bread $2 each, used two $0.75 coupons (doubled fully) = $0.25 profit on each, $0.50 profit overall
  • 4 Ronzoni Smart Taste pastas $1.99 each, used four $0.75 coupons (12/6 SS, doubled only to $1.99) = FREE
  • Holiday wreath $12.99 - clearanced to $3.25
  • Got $0.80 employee discount, total was $2.18
CVS - I hadn't planned on doing any deals today, but as I was cleaning out my coupon organizer, I found a $2 CVS coupon for Soy Joy on both cards, so I decided to head out.
My card
  • 2 Soyjoy packages $6 each, used $2 CRT and got back $6 EB each (Limit 6) = $2 profit
  • Stamps $8.80
  • Used $5 off $20 coupon (Exp. 1/2), $2.49 EB and $10 EB, total was $1.31 - paid with egift card I bought a while ago and got back $1 EB for using my green bag tag

DBF's card - this store didn't have any Soy Joy, so I bought the Glade instead. I was thinking about waiting until later in the month, hoping a coupon would come out for the Glade. But the stores I went to today only had about 6 bottles of Glade each. With these bonus items, once they're gone, they're gone. I'm happy I bought the Glade because when I looked at those stickers on the package, I found out that these qualify for the SC Johnson rebate! I'm doubly happy that I never got around to buying the Glade candles at Target for this rebate a while ago. I'd much rather have the spray than more candles. Happy day!

  • 3 Glade Fabric & Air Sprays $3.99 each, got back $3 EB each (Limit 6) and will submit for $5 SC Johnson rebate (WYB 3 SC Johnson items, Limit 3 rebates per household) = $2.03 profit
  • Stamps $8.80
  • Used $5 off $20 coupon (Exp. 1/2), $1 EB, $5.98 EB and $7.98 EB, total was $1.41 - paid with egift card I bought a while ago, got back $1 EB for using my green bag tag and $0.50 EB for my fall spending (didn't get this on my other card though, weird)


Sarah said...

The limit on the Glade is 6 :) Oust is also an SC Johnson product, and the rebate says "ANY" SC Johnson product will qualify. I am going to call the 1800 # to be sure, but if they are included, I have some rebates to send out!

frugalsuz said...

Oh you're right! That's awesome

lisarohrbach said...

My comment is not for this post, I just can't figure out how else to contact you. I was reading your Hounding 101 and saw your spreadsheet. Is it possible to get a copy of your spreadsheet? It is awesome! I love your blog, I read it every day. Your are an inspiration to all of us. I wish I would have had your skills when I was your age. Thank you.

frugalsuz said...


Thank you so much! (emailing you now...)