Sunday, January 10, 2010

Conga Line of Knee Highs

CVS - my card
  • Terminator Salvation DVD $24.99
  • Used $5 off $20 coupon, $18 EB, total was $3.39, got back $1 EB for using my green tag

Let me tell you, I have had such a brain fart buying movies lately. I bought Terminator at Best Buy last week using a gift card. It wasn't until I got home and had totally unwrapped the DVD that I realized it wasn't the movie, it was a cartoon series about Terminator. Grr. I sold that online since it was opened and I couldn't return it. The week before that, I picked up The Hangover at Best Buy and realized when I got home that it was a Blu-Ray copy. Sigh. At least I hadn't opened that one. By the time I went back that night to exchange it, the store was totally wiped out. DBF found a copy at Walmart that weekend.

DBF's card
  • 3 Garnier Nutritioniste Cleansing Cloths $5.99 each, used three $1 coupons (10/11 or 12/6 RP) and got back $5 EB for buying $15 worth (Limit 1) = $9.97 or $3.32 each, $4.97 or $1.65 each when you count in the $5 off $20 coupon. I needed the milk anyway, so I would have bought that regardless.
  • Half gallon milk $1.89
  • Crystal Light individual size $0.50
  • Used $5 off $20 coupon and $12 EB, total was $1.34
Walgreens - there are probably tons of ways to do this rebate, but here's what I did. I asked the cashier to give me a total after she rang up my qualifying items to be sure I'd bought at least $30. With the BOGO 50% off sale, it was hard to keep track as I was shopping. The receipt listed all the BOGO 50% off discounts at the bottom of the receipt (instead of discounting the price of the items), so it might be possible to squeek by with $30 of items based just on regular prices. I'm not sure if the J&J folks would catch that. I wasn't expecting the receipt to do this, so I bought $30 worth after sale prices.
  • 2 Clean & Clear makeup removing wipes $5.99 each, used two $2 coupon (or also here) = $3.99 each
  • Clean & Clear foaming cleanser $4.79, used $2 coupon or also here = $2.79
  • Lubriderm lotion $3.99, used $2 coupon = $1.99 *Forgot to use the $1 WAG coupon from the Diabetes & You magazine (found near Pharmacy)
  • Aveeno Cream Cleanser $7.29, used $2 coupon = $5.29
  • Aveeno lotion $2.99, used $2 coupon = $0.99
  • RoC Cleanser $9.99 (cheapest I could find), used $3 coupon = $6.99
  • Now for the discounts. It took off $3.65 for the Aveeno cleanser, $3 for the Clean & Clear wipes and $2 for the Lubriderm lotion. Figure that one out, I dare you! Walgreens math is unlike any other math on this planet. So all in all, I paid $17.38 OOP for these items and I'll get back $10 for the rebate. Since I used RR's to pay and those RR's were pure profit, I don't mind that this rebate wasn't a moneymaker.
  • $10 TGIF gift card
  • 4 Ravinia Knee Highs $0.25 each
  • The register was beeping on my last coupon, so I moved one of my Naked juices to this transaction - $3.49.
  • Used three $5 RR's and two $6 RR's, total was $4.14

After I paid, I realized I wouldn't be able to submit this bottle of juice for the Naked rebate because I needed the receipt for the J&J rebate. Duh! I was thinking about what to do and realized one of the bottles expired in Dec 09, so I returned it at another store (got back cash). Problem solved!

Transaction 2

  • 4 Naked Juices (15.2 oz) $3.49 each, used two $1 coupons = $11.96
  • Ravinia Knee Highs $0.25
  • Used $5 RR and $6 RR, total was $1.21

Second store - returned the juice and then bought:

  • 4 Naked Juices (15.2 oz) $3.49 each = $13.96
  • Ravinia Knee Highs $0.25
  • $15 Wendy's gift card
  • Used $3 RR and five $5 RR's, total was $1.21

I need to buy two more juices, and then I'll submit for this $10 rebate. I wouldn't normally do this rebate since its not free or a moneymaker, but since I have RR's to burn, its a nice way to turn some of them into cash. Thank you pubbler for telling me about this rebate! :)

Now all of my RR's are used up. That happened a lot faster than I had anticipated, but its fine with me. I converted $50 in RR's into $50 in gift cards ($20 at TGIF and $30 at Wendy's) and I'll be getting back $22 in rebates ($10 J&J, $2 Lypsyl and $10 Naked Juice). I bought multi-vitamins, which I don't see freebie deals on very often, a couple of books, some stuff for around the house, some quick dinners and cat treats, which I was totally out of. And because I used RR's that were pure profit, all of this was free. Gotta love that!

My second set of Bayer coupons are on their way, and I'll buy more meters this week so that I'll be set with RR's for the Pepsi deal next week. Speaking of which...
If you have an A&P or Pathmark in your area, its worth your while to stop in and pick up some of these free booklets.
Looks what's inside! $1 off five 2 liter bottles of Pepsi and $1 off 2 bags of Lays, Doritos or Tostitos. These are manufacturer's coupons, so you'll be able to use them at Walgreens. HUGE thank you to saphira for posting about these!


Janelle said...

What is a green tag? I'm trying to learn CVS as they are building them in my city right now.

Ashley said...

I thought RR's had wording that you could not use them to buy giftcards. Is that a YMMV or can you always use RR's to buy giftcards?


News Around The Blogs said...

I will post my Walgreens trip tomorrow, but guess what. My purchases rang up buy one get one free! I was NOT able to use the Wags Lotion coupon from the diabetes booklet which I thought was odd. But I spent like $4 something total OOP and I will still send in for the rebate, just thought it was odd. I tried it again at another store and they rang up buy one get one 50% off...bummer!

frugalsuz said...

Its a cardboard tag with a string attached that you can buy in the store. Then when you checkout, as long as you use a reusable bag instead of plastic (doesn't have to be a CVS one), you give them the card to scan. It will keep track of how many times you use it, just like any other purchase you make when you use your CVS card and for every 4 times, you get back $1. They're on sale this week along with the reusable bags, so it would be a good time to snag one.

Yup, they say they can't be used on gift cards, so its very YMMV. They don't beep though so if you get a tolerant cashier or one who doesn't notice, you're good.

I read on HCW that some other folks got BOGO too. That's so weird. I remember from the last time I tried to use the WAG coupon for the Lubriderm that it didn't work, so I guess its no big deal I forgot it.

Pubbler said...

Oh man, wish I had an A&P or Pathmark. We never get the good Qs :-(

Angie.... said...

Do you have to purchase all $30 of the j&j products at once for the rebate!

frugalsuz said...

I don't think so. I just did it at once to get it over with.